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You’ll Envy The Rock-Solid Friendship Between This Puppy And His Brick

While most pups enjoy the presence of other dogs, people, or even stuffed toys, one pup has found an unexpected best friend: a brick. This dog’s strange yet sweet devotion to this chunk of clay is hysterically heartwarming!

A Heartwarming Recovery: Rescuing A Pack Of Puppies

When Ariana Smoak found a frightened mother and her litter of puppies on the street, she knew she had to help them immediately. They were covered in fleas, dirty, and starving. Taking in the entire lot, Smoak cleaned, fed, and played with the neglected pups. She was able to nurse them all back to health!

Soon, she found them each a home but decided to hang onto one special little guy. Sunny stole Smoak’s heart with his cute face and playful personality, and the young lady adopted the canine into her home. She soon discovered one of Sunny’s unique, treasured relationships!

Sunny’s Special Bond: His Brick Best Buddy

Rather than opting for the toys that Smoak had gotten for the gang of pups, Sunny formed a bond with a brick that she had placed to hold down the corner of a rug that kept curling.

Despite its lack of softness, comfortability, or easy mobility, Sunny has been attached to the same brick since his puppyhood and hasn’t let go of it since. Smoak decided to note the canine’s strange toy on Twitter, and the cute connection soon became the obsession of the internet!

Dog-Lovers New Obsession: The Pup’s Spectacular Friendship

When Smoak upload photographs of Sunny and his brick, dog lovers and owners alike jumped in to praise the puppy’s dedication to his inanimate friend. Some people even shared photos of their dogs’ odd bonds to their own bricks, rocks, and boulders!

All in all, Sunny seems to have found a wonderful mate in his brick. His dedication to his inanimate friend is more than admirable. A friendship as rock solid as theirs is certainly something to envy!

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