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The Friendship Between This UPS Driver And A Pig Is The Most Precious Thing You’ll See All Week

Whoever said that dog is man’s best friend has never met Miss Porkchop! This spunky, 400 lbs. pig is a regular visitor to the delivery truck of UPS driver Scott Hodges and has been for the past three years!

A Hunger-Driven, Determined Swine

After growing jealous of the farm dogs receiving treats from the generous mailman, Miss Porkchop wanted in on the action.

Scott Hodges

She clopped right up to the steps of Hodges’ truck and what started as a piece of a granola bar has now turned into weekly treats for this spoiled pig!

An Unlikely, Adorable Friendship

Scott Hodges has been working for over 30 years for UPS, and the bonds he has formed along the way with the animals on his route are extraordinary. Though his daily trips mainly feature dogs, Hodges has connected with some of the farm animals along his route — including the spirited, stubborn Miss Porkchop.

Scott Hodges

“She’s super friendly. I think she just thinks she’s just one of the dogs,” Hodges explains. “A lot of the time the dogs will come up into my truck waiting for their treat, but she can only get her front legs up on the steps since they’re too short to climb all the way in.” It’s a good thing — Miss Porkchop’s weight would make it nearly impossible to get her back out of the truck! But would that be such a bad thing?

Hodges’ Incredible Connections

Since the start of Hodges’ friendship with Miss Porkchop, he is always equipped with snacks she’ll enjoy, such as apples, granola, and carrots. She even trusted the kind-hearted man enough to introduce him to her piglets when they were born. However, his love for animals doesn’t stop at Miss Porkchop!

Scott Hodges

Hodges’ sweet connection with animals has garnered him friendships with dogs, horses, llamas, goats, and, of course, more pigs! He goes through nearly three boxes of dog biscuits a week, on top of extra produce for the farm animals along his route. Even so, Hodges admits that the added effort doesn’t bother him — his animal pals are his favorite part of his profession!

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