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Fugitive Flamingo From Kansas Zoo Spotted 13 Years Later

When an African flamingo living in a Kansas zoo realized his wings weren’t clipped, he flew away, never to return again. Thirteen years later, that same flamingo has been spotted flying near the gulf coast of Texas, enjoying life on the run.

Life In Kansas

In 2005, life at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Witchita, Kansas was dull for a flamingo, especially this one in particular. He was done hanging out with the other flamingos by the watering hole and was ready for excitement and adventure. So, while the other birds were getting their wings trimmed, he sneakily crept away.


The zookeeper didn’t notice he had been skipped in the wing-trimming, and the flamingo’s plan of escape was shaping up nicely.

A Great Pink Escape

After laying low for a few days, the African flamingo saw his opportunity. He said goodbye to his friends and took off through the air, leaving the zoo behind for good. The next time the zookeeper did his count, he realized he was a flamingo short, and the search was on.

Facebook: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Unable to locate the fugitive, and assuming the worst, the zoo finally gave up looking for their lost flamingo. He was now free to live on his own without fear of capture.

Living The Dream

Since then, that same flamingo has been spotted in different parts of the U.S., living the high life. Most recently the flamingo, dubbed No. 492, was spotted by Texas Parks and Wildlife hanging out with some pals. He’s thriving out there on his own and making lots of friends along the way.

Facebook: Texas Parks and Wildlife

No. 492 is fulfilling his dream of adventure and freedom, and as long as he is healthy and strong, the wildlife preserve sees no reason to interfere. So he’ll continue to travel and explore, living the life he always dreamed about.

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