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Hilarious Parenting Hacks That Are Bound To Make Life With Children A Little Easier

parenting hacks

While parenthood is obviously one of life’s great joys, let’s face it: kids are also a handful. You have to make sure they stay clean, engaged, active, safe — and don’t tear up your home or terrorize you in the process! That’s where parenting hacks come in to help you get properly into the swing of things and take control of the situation, creatively.

These parenting hacks are funny and practical, and some are so simply achieved that you’ll wonder how on Earth you didn’t think of them beforehand. Parents and grandparents alike, start taking notes: life is about to become that much easier — not to mention hilarious!

1. Restraining Order

Whether parent or not, anyone taking care of a baby has definitely come across this situation: you just want to make yourself a pot of coffee on the stove, but the baby is too playful and jumpy and it’s one huge liability. But this dad’s understanding of parenting hacks is truly sharp.

parenting hacks


He’s taken off his sleeveless shirt and inverted it so that he could adapt it for a purpose nobody would have ever thought of for it: a harness! His baby is just within sight, out of harm’s way, kept contained in one place — and seems perfectly happy with the current situation.

2. Baby Q

Who’s to say playpens only have one intended purpose? That’s what parenting hacks are all about: thinking outside the box. This dad apparently didn’t want to have his kid cooped up while he was master of the grill, but curiosity would definitely not be the child’s friend in this scenario. That’s why this ingenious dad created this barbecue pen.

parenting hacks


With this innovative construct there was no chance that wobbly little fella would accidentally bump into the hot sides of the smoking grill, and he’d have to make a concerted effort to reach through the bars and touch the grill, long enough that dad would be sure to notice it. Props, dad – also on those adorably matching swim trunks.

3. DIY Pacifier

For parenting hacks to be extra brilliant, you’ve really got to think outside the box while still keeping it as simple as possible. With these two unfortunate siblings, something so simple and easily obtained has become so torturous — and with good reason. Behold, the effective punishment of the Get Along Shirt!

parenting hacks

Sibling rivalry can be a tricky situation to solve, but it looks like these two are certainly learning the hard way that they’re going to have to start behaving a lot nicer to each other. As it forces the two of them to be right next to each other even when at their most mad, it sure is one heck of a good deterrent – just look at those faces.

4. Two In One

Don’t have a sandbox? Or, do you have a sandbox but the neighborhood cats and raccoons keep using it as their own personal restroom? This clever parenting hack works for both scenarios, keeping that sand nice and clean so your child can come back and use it to their heart’s content again and again.

parenting hacks

The Goonberry Tales

The benefits of putting a sand pit inside a tent are many. Even if it has been raining outside, or the leaves have been falling, it will still be dry and tidy each time the tent is opened. Hopefully the tent is tight enough that no sneaky ants have managed to infiltrate its siege walls.

5. Steps To Success

We go up and down stairs practically every day without paying much mind to it. But after having a gander at parenting hacks like this one, we’re practically gobsmacked by realizing just how much learning potential we’ve been squandering. This bright dad decided to utilize his space properly, putting multiplication tables on the staircase.

parenting hacks


By hopping up and down the stairs, the kids can not only play and exercise, but they can stop and learn their arithmetic in a very easy, tangible, obvious way. This parenting hack will have you scouring your house for unused spaces, wondering what sort of learning opportunities you can turn them into.

6. Thinking Inside The Box

Kids are absolutely mad about drawing on things, no matter what the surface might be. On the one hand, you as a parent don’t want to suppress their budding artistic ambitions, but on the other hand, the furniture definitely dos not need scribbled streaks of crayon and marker all over their surface. Well, this parent had the perfect solution. Introducing: the art box.

parenting hacks

It turns out cats are not the only creatures that love to play inside cardboard boxes. Inside this box, the child can have hours of unlimited entertainment without fear of outside mess: he or she can draw wherever they like, whatever they like, for however long they like. This one seems to be working on a Basquiat forgery.

7. A Hack For Hanging Out

Don’t have any trees that the kids can climb or a backyard to set up a proper hammock? Never fear, mindblowingly uncomplicated parenting hacks are here to set things right. You can still have a proper indoor jungle kingdom of relaxation, and all it takes is a bed sheet and a table.

parenting hacks

It’s so easy that you’ll wish you could do it for yourself. But unfortunately, this activity does not include grownups, unless your table happens to be made of iron or stone and won’t tip over. This child seems perfectly content. It’s amazing what being just a few inches off the ground can do for your mood.

8. Sneaky Sippy Cup

Taking medicine is rarely an enjoyable activity, especially when it looks and tastes so yucky. Luckily for parents of young children, they don’t always pay attention to the minute details. This child’s trusting nature, despite how much he didn’t want to take his medicine, meant his mom could try out some serious parenting hacks skills.

parenting hacks


This mom told her boy that he was drinking Pepsi, and whether he had tasted it before or not suddenly didn’t matter. The glory of the placebo effect meant that he absolutely believed her, not realizing the straw wasn’t even going into the can. We wish our childhood cough syrup had tasted like Pepsi!

9. Who Loves Short Shorts?

Whether you have a boy or a girl, there will come a moment in every parent’s career when their child will beg them for a particular article of clothing that the parent thinks is absolutely horrendous — and they won’t stop until they’re satisfied. That’s the opportune moment for some serious parenting hacks.

parenting hacks

This dad just couldn’t prove the point to his daughter at home, so he decided to take his message to the streets; or, at least, the shopping aisles at Walmart. We can’t see her face, but it’s a fair bet this young lady has been scared straight. Point proved, good sir.

10. Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around

If you have siblings, you’ve likely experience enough childhood car ride squabbles to last a lifetime. And once you become a parent, the last thing you want to hear while you’re trying to focus on driving safely is the sound of fighting and whining from over your shoulder.

parenting hacks

Jake White

But behold, one of the most genius parenting hacks for keeping car rides drama-free. It’s so unbelievably simplistic, you’ll be left wondering how on Earth you didn’t drum up this idea first. Those foam core dividers between the car seats seem to be keeping the troops at bay… for now.

We’re just getting warmed up. Check out even more genius parenting hacks up ahead!

11. Thing One And Thing Two

Ah, the joys of twins. Even as they begin gradually getting older and developing their own distinct personalities, you’ve got to give their parents a bit of a break: sometimes it’s just flat out hard to distinguish between them. Some twin parenting hacks, however, are just a bit time sensitive.

parenting hacks

Bored Panda

This gnarly punk rock hair maybe be reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, but hey, it’s bound to make for a great story when these two are older. The second these two youngsters get any sense of how they want their own hair to look, though, this parenting hack will become obsolete. Let’s just hope their parents will be able to tell them apart by then!

12. Subconscious Cinderella

Ah, the inevitable spill. Whether it’s food, or coins, or crayons, at some point — or, better said, on many, many occasions — when children are in the picture, you’re bound to hear the dreaded clatter of forsaken items leaping to their doom on the floor. We just aren’t always in the mood to clean that up, but parenting hacks have got you covered.

parenting hacks

Bored Panda

This genius parent found the perfect way to get that mess cleaned right up without having to even lift a finger, all the while teaching their daughter responsibility for her own actions. By creating this square on the floor, sweeping up becomes a game. Wonder what the rules are if it’s tomato sauce that’s spilled?

13. Wacky Table

When you become a new parent, you’ll discover all kinds of weird parenting hacks that you’ve taken for granted all these years but everyone else seems to swear by. One of the most versatile instruments for baby-proofing your home is that familiar old pool toy, the wacky swimming pool noodle.

parenting hacks


These foam tubes are perfect for keeping babies from hurting themselves as they toddle around the house, inevitably bumping into things left and right. These parents have sliced the pool noodle in half to cover any sharp edges on their living room table, giving the baby something to grasp while keeping him safe.

14. Gaming Pin

We generally think of playpens as being something to put the baby in so that he or she can be kept safely contained during playtime, and away from wreaking havoc with harmful or fragile objects in the house. But parenting hacks done right sometimes involve flipping expectations on their head.

parenting hacks


This dad has turned the tables on his little tyke, and has used that same playpen to make an impermeable fortress within which he can play his video games to his heart’s delight — and from the grin on the little one’s face, it would appear he’s none the wiser that he’s being had!

15. Get ‘Em Hooked Early

Who’s to say that having a young one around ought to dampen your enthusiasm for your favorite pastimes? If anything, it offers an exciting new opportunity to educate the next generation to love what you love, and to understand why you love it. While this could be relevant for various ‘grown-up’ hobbies, here we see one specific sub-genre of parenting hacks: metalhead parenting hacks.

parenting hacks


Most moms can pull this trick off, but only dads of a certain hairy caliber can pull off this parenting hack. With those noise-cancelling headphones, and strapped into Dad’s dreadlock harness, this kid is safely protected and able to enjoy the bands Dad loves — all the while boasting the best seats in the house.

There are more wild parenting hacks where those came from, keep reading!

16. Nanny Nanner

This hilarious photo, one of the more bizarrely specific parenting hacks out there, was posted by a woman noting it was her husband’s turn to feed the baby. Like many new fathers set on putting their own clever-yet-outrageous spin on parenthood, this did apparently enlisted the help of… fresh fruit?

parenting hacks


Okay, so perhaps this is not necessarily something to be repeated at home, but you have to at least credit the dad on the ingenuity of finding a resourceful way to keep that bottle at the perfect angle. The baby doesn’t seem to mind — let alone to have noticed the difference!

17. Eat Around It

When nap time hits, you respect the nap, or you’re likely to regret it later. For this dad, nap time evidently happened to come in between sitting down at this diner and when the food arrived. It’s a delicate operation, but his skill with parenting hacks has made it work like a charm.

parenting hacks


Baby on your shoulder? Why let that stop you from enjoying your grub? There are ways to balance just about anything — now carry on with those mashed potatoes as you were. In fact, this father is practicing excellent table manners by making sure he’s got that napkin on like a bib. Let’s just hope the kid doesn’t wake up too suddenly.

18. Taking Things Literally

Be careful what you wish for, the old adage says. In this case depicted below, there should be an addendum: be careful how you wish for it. When this young man was asked what he wanted for his birthday, he thought he’d try on the phrase “cold, hard cash” for size.

parenting hacks

Little did the birthday boy realize that his fresh mouth would, in fact, inadvertently help get his wish granted. It’s going to take some clothespins and a delicate drying operation before that frozen solid money is even remotely usable. You can tell just how thrilled he is with his birthday gift; he’s positively beaming.

19. Super Mom, Er, Dad?

Being a single parent can be a handful, and not just because of the level of responsibility. The child can often miss having two parents in their lives. And just because of that, this caring single mom decided she would take on the roles of both mom and dad — at least in appearance.

parenting hacks

When it was time for a fathers and sons activity, she didn’t want her boy to feel left out at all. But this mom decided to have a bit of a chuckle at their situation. She’s not necessarily fooling anyone with that Sharpie facial hair, but if you squint just hard enough… well, it’s certainly the thought that counts.

20. Swing String

Maybe your back is hurting from bending over. Maybe it’s too hot in the sunshine for you, or maybe you’re just not in the mood for swing time precisely when your child is. Parents and grandparents, we hear you. Presenting this most practical of parenting hacks: the elegantly simple swing string.

parenting hacks

Parents of small children (well, let’s face it: of all ages) deserve to savor those small moments of relaxation they can find, but it shouldn’t always have to mean playtime is over. This dad is luxuriating in the shade with a cold drink all the while ‘pushing’ his little girl. He barely even needs to lift a finger — literally.

Think that’s hilarious? There’s even more goofy and genius parenting hacks up ahead!

21. Sweet Swiffer

As it turns out, if you’ve got those parenting hacks skills down just right, you can even put your youngest family members to work cleaning up without them even realizing. Of course, it’s more than likely that the little ones themselves were the culprits behind the mess in the first place! Introducing the feety pajamas with mop attachments.

parenting hacks

Having a baby and balancing everyday housework, in addition to the new chores a child brings, can be a difficult life adjustment. But multitasking is key here, so instead of sweeping up the floor and then letting the baby play and crawl around, why not combine both activities? Look how shiny that wood is, not to mention how happy the baby is!

22. Travel Crib Hack

One of the most endearing aspects of small children is their amazing ability to fall asleep in just about any condition, anywhere, anytime — except for the times when we want them to, of course. But what if you’re caught off guard by nap time and don’t have the proper materials at hand?

parenting hacks


Suitcases can double as a sleeper. This baby seems happy as a clam snuggled up in and on top of layers of blankets inside this suitcase. It may look strange at first glance, but it appears to be working like a charm. Just don’t forget the baby is in there when you go to zip up!

23. Junior Impressionist

Kids love painting, and encouraging them to foster their artistic side is a crucial part of their development. It’s always a joy to see children enjoying learning through the use of colors, but there’s just one big problem: all that mess! That’s where these Ziploc bags filled with bright paints come in handy

parenting hacks

Teaching Mama

These are, of course, only useful for very young children, who will be mesmerized by pushing the paint around. Other painting parenting hacks suggest mixing food coloring with yogurt so that the child can play Picasso with non-toxic materials — though some parents just want their little ones to learn not to put the paint in their mouth, period!

24. No More Tears

While bath time generally gets to be a fun experience for infants and toddlers, there can be a few hiccups on the way before they get the hang of it. Nothing turns a fun time splish-splashing around into a tearfest quite as fast as an unexpected trickle of water into the eyes, with or without shampoo.

parenting hacks

This brilliant head umbrella had to have started off as one of many inventive parenting hacks. Not only does it effectively keep water from dripping into the baby’s sensitive eyes, but this little one in particular seems absolutely mesmerized by the different rivulets of water streaming down before its eyes.

25. Hands-Off Parenting

Who’s to say parenting hacks are only limited to new parents? If you play your cards right, you can utilize them to make sure your teenager is kept in check too — or remains utterly mortified. It seems like a combination of both of those scenarios for this young lady here.

parenting hacks

We’re not sure just how many tattoos are covering this watchful dad’s remarkably muscular frame, but needless to say, he’ll definitely be keeping her safe from prying eyes and young dopes with romantic intentions for some time! There are few things that could be so terrifyingly effective in scaring off young suitors. And her countenance seems proof that it’ll work.

Sources: Bored PandaBuzzfeed

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