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These Funny Test Answers by Kids Are Too Clever to be Wrong

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Kids really do say the darndest things and the kids in the following examples were downright hilarious when they had to take a test at school. Whether they were just plain naïve or were trying to push people’s buttons, you simply can’t blame kids for their precocious and adorable answers when faced with the daunting task of learning. Don’t be fooled; there is a method to their madness. If you’re ready to roll on the floor laughing, then read these funny test answers that are too clever to be wrong. After we’re done with you, you’ll wish you were back in school!

1. Why So Serious, Kid?

From such a young and tender age, it seems that our little Isaac already knows the sad but true fact of life. Just wait until he finds out about the reality of taxes! Seriously, what on earth was his teacher thinking to ask such a morbid question?!

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Isaac might be a serious kid, but he was just being honest – very few of us reading this will be around in a 100 years. Children might be innocent, but if you want to fool them be prepared to be fooled back twice over! Yep, Isaac just ain’t having it.

2. No Shame!

Talk about being a tad harsh! You gotta give it to this kid for his brutal honesty, though. It’s safe to assume that this test taker will make a great environmentalist in the future, but should definitely not take up the field of dietetics as a day job.

 Funny Test Answers by Kids

In all honesty this test answer is rather funny, especially because of the spelling mistake, but makes you wonder who is raising the kid. Perhaps the teacher needs to give her class a lesson on minding your Ps and Qs.

3. What’s In a Name?

We bet you were also thrown through a loop during your Geometry tests in school. After all, those shapes and colors can get pretty confusing. Hope’s test took a bit of a “rhombus” turn, but not because she didn’t do what she was asked.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Hope named the quadrilaterals just as she was instructed to do, but it seems a bit strange that she knows these four-sided shapes on a first name basis. She could have at least spelled her friends’ names “Cate” and “Hary’ correctly. Oh, and who the heck names their friend Tedison?

4. When You’re Right, You’re Right!

Turns out the student swiftly corrected her math mistake, but she pretty much nailed the answer too. Come on, do adults even know six animals that “specifically” inhabit the Arctic? Yeah, we thought not! If you think about it, this is a perfectly suitable answer.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

We hope this teacher gave this kid all the points. She isn’t wrong and her calculations seem correct; there are still two polar bears and four seals living in the Arctic. Kudos to her for being so insightful!

5. The Realist

This kid also nailed it…at being too much of a realist, that is. Come to think of it, we do have a serious issue on our hands, and all this examinee wanted to was nip the problem in the bud. Bob just consumed 29 candy bars. Yes, that’s pure sugar!

Funny Test Answers by Kids

We don’t blame the kid for skirting the mathematical problem to address Bob’s disturbing eating habits. This is a lesson learned for teachers: don’t get too creative and smart with math questions unless you want to distract the learners.

6. I’m No Scientist!

We’re always told to keep our answers concise and to the point, right? Well there you have it – this kid didn’t feel like getting into the semantics of it all, but he should have picked up on the hint with all those empty lines.

 Funny Test Answers by Kids

Ice is hard and made out of water, so what’s so wrong about this answer? Poor child, he must have missed the memo or decided not to study for his science test. We’ll give him half a point for his somewhat logical line of reasoning.

7. We Have an Artist on Our Hands

Wow, okay! Since when was biology so dark? This sunflower so very depressed to be locked away in its “plant cell”. Since when was photosynthesis a crime? Jokes aside, this cute test taker took thing a bit too literally…

 Funny Test Answers by Kids

Clearly the kid believes that a fitting punishment for such a pretty-looking flower is a prison cell with no windows and iron bars, but yeah, wrong class! We seems to have an artist in the making on our hands, but let’s hope she passed her biology test.

8. Setting the Record Straight

“You should not hit dogs!” Yeah, you tell ’em. This kid has his head screwed on well and certainly knows how to set the record straight. What blasphemy! How dare the teacher even so much as suggest for this man to hit that cute dog?!

Funny Test Answers by Kids

This kid was sent to school to be taught right from wrong, so his teachers should set the right example and provide the learners with the best possible scenarios in life. Why choose “hit” when you can say “pet?” Ten points for you, kid!

9. Bacon Is Life!

This teacher must have been really hungry after grading these short sentences. Let’s just ignore the spelling mistake in the heading, and all is just fine and dandy. Come on, this kid can’t make everyone happy – he’s not bacon – but he did a pretty good job at trying.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Life is hard enough, and this student knows that bacon helps because bacon is life. No wonder he scored on A on the assignment and impressed the teacher. These are definitely the juiciest sentences ever written by a kid.

10. I Was Just Listening to Instructions…

Kids take things very literally and it showed on this test. When in doubt, write “or,” and you’re bound to get something right. Uhmm yeah, about that…maybe not this time. But come on, let’s give this kid a break.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

The question could have been phrased differently to avoid confusion. Teachers: remember that adulthood strips you of your fun and wild imagination. Surely, you remember how life is so much better when you don’t have to read between the lines!


11. Take That For Asking an Unrealistic Question!

This is just another example of upsetting a kid during a math test for no reason. Bet the teacher had a hard time arguing with the logic of this child. Well, we’re on his side with this one; there’s no need to involve ghosts and haunted houses here.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

That’s what you get for trying to be smart with all this ghoulish tomfoolery. You can subtract something that isn’t real, right? What happened to the days when we were tested on subtracting our bananas, apples, and pears?!

12. Get Your Facts Straight, Teacher!

What happens when you’re not satisfied with the answers the teacher provides? Just add your own one; it’s as simple as that! This illustration must have really hit a sore point for this poor kid, but no one ever said that learning about Darwin’s theory of evolution would be all rainbows and unicorns.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

To call a giraffe (of all animals) “heartless” just goes to show how honest the heart this child really is. Hmmm, we might have to agree with the student – these images are way too much to take in during a test.

13. I Speak the Truth, and Nothing But the Truth!

This kid thinks school is hell! Well, we’ve got news for you, kid – life after school ain’t that much better. Enjoy the care-free days while you still can because you’re definitely going to miss them. He doesn’t know it yet, but being a kid certainly has its perks.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Only a kid could get away with writing such a thing for a school survey. Imagine telling your boss that work is hell – you most likely won’t have a job the next day. Unless, of course, this kid becomes your boss one day.

14. The Logic of It All

Judging by this student’s answer, we’re not quite sure if he fully understood the question, but come to think of it, we don’t think the teacher did either. Why on Earth would someone ask such an unrealistic math question?!

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Nevertheless, he did get the question right, and that’s probably because the sound of playing football with a ball measuring 8 feet long seems pretty bizarre. Anyway you want to look at it, this kid is definitely smart.

15. All You Need Is Love

Love certainty does make the world go round! Who really cares about sedimentary and igneous rocks when you’ve got the force of love? You see, even geography lessons can teach us a thing or two about the philosophy of life.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

We award 100 points to this kid for having such a positive outlook on life. He clearly doesn’t know a thing about the Earth’s crust, but will that knowledge really get him anywhere in life? Probably not, because all you need is love!

16. Mr. Tough Guy

This kid’s go-getter attitude will take her very far in life, and we bet she’ll be the next president with such a tough skin. We have a feeling this answer wasn’t exactly the solution this kid’s teacher was looking for, though.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

It’s a pity we can’t grade this learner’s test because she deserves an A+ for coming to terms with the ways of the world at such a tender age. If only we could see the rest of her solutions to the other problems.

17. Brain Food

Seriously? What kind of teacher thinks of a question as ridiculous as this one?! Well, after we have our roll on the floor and laugh our heads off, let’s actually think of seven similarities between the fruit and the human brain.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

We prefer the kid’s innovative answer, but maybe the teacher was thinking more on the lines of how a brain and cantaloupe are oval in shape and symmetrical. Rather, this student seems to just be a bit hungry and have exotic taste in food.

18. When Mommy Drinks Too Much

This is what happens when you drink too much in front of your children: their teachers will hear about it during art class. Never forget that kids are brutally honest and naive, so one too many trips to the wine cabinet won’t go unnoticed.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

At least the kid still loves her mommy judging by all those hearts, which scream “I love you, mommy. But you might be an alcoholic!” Power to this child for taking initiative and trying to sort out her mother’s drinking problem!

19. Rewriting History

Well, Duh! You definitely can’t deny how smart the kid is for this fantastic and reasonable answer. These are what you call the kind of questions you don’t have to study for because it’s just pure logic.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Sometimes teachers miss the tiny nuances in test questions and forget they are dealing with kids. This question serves as the perfect example of how things can go seriously wrong when test questions aren’t specific enough. Perhaps the teacher could have written “in which city” to avoid being outsmarted by a fifth grader.

20. I’m Smart, and I Know It!

Oh yes, he’s smart and he knows it! Yep, when a kid tells you he’s too smart for a regular answer, you better believe it. It’s a shame his teacher doesn’t quite agree with him on that…

Funny Test Answers by Kids

You would think the teacher would be proud of this learner’s answer. He did get all the answers correct, yes even number seven, and that just means his teacher is equally as brilliant. Well, it seems like a teacher’s sense of humor wears off quicker than ours.

21. A Budding Criminal Mind

And this, my friends, is how criminal minds are born. Come on, we know you forged your parents’ signatures at least once during your schooling careers, but this kid didn’t actually forge anything. The only thing he is guilty of is being darn cute!

Funny Test Answers by Kids


His attempt at a signature must be the cutest case of forgery of all time, so he deserves 10 points just for that. Thought this was cute? Read on for some more hilarious test answers that will really make your day.

22. Well, Duh!

Perhaps the kid thought he was writing an English test? Whatever the case may be, this is seriously funny and adorable. How is it even possible to give such an answer a big and merciless fat zero? Only a cold-hearted teacher could do such a thing!

Funny Test Answers by Kids

When you look at the question very closely, the student really does make a good point, but he was probably just trying to be smart. Let’s hope that after math class the kid had a class in comedy.

23. The Emo Kid At It Again

These kids seem to be getting wittier and wittier by the second, but it looks like it might be a case of a seriously sad student. Nothing should prompt a learner to write such an answer unless he or she is trying to be funny or crying out for help.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

It also says something about the teacher if the kid feels comfortable to write such an answer on his test. We really hope the kid was just trying to be funny and ate lunch with all his friends at recess.

24. Can’t You Count!?

“I didn’t study for my history test, so I decided to to be funny and use my math skills,” said no kid ever! Maybe this student was trying to be funny, but we put our money on pure naiveté.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Once again, this answer is way too clever to be wrong, and it makes it all the more cute if the learner was being dead serious. This kind of wants to make us go back to school to fill out the same funny test answers.

25. The Cause and Effect

If you’re not brave enough to face up to a kid’s brutal honesty, then this test answer probably isn’t for you. This is kind of an open-ended question, so while the answer might be a bit mean, it certainly isn’t wrong.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

The joke will probably be on this kid when a real-life Tony grows up to be the next Beethoven. How is he going to explain this away to his diehard fans? Talk about an awkward moment! Good luck with that, kid!

26. A Closet ’90s Club Music Fan

This kid has some serious groove and rhythm in her bones. Well, she’s no longer a closet Haddaway fan because it’s all out in the open now, and she turned this otherwise serious theology test into a nostalgic ’90s music jam, quoting the 1993 Haddaway song “What is Love”.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

We can only hope and pray that the teacher picked up on the reference and jumped up on her desk to break it down. The worst that could have happened in this scenario is the teacher calling in the kid’s parents for a little chat.

27. Numbers Are Fun!

When you’re dealing with numbers all day, your eyes are bound to start playing funny tricks on you. Okay fine, we won’t make excuses for this kid, but this is a seriously hilarious and adorable answer.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

You have to give it to the kid for his ability to discern the difference in lines and shapes. It really is hysterical that he got into the aesthetics of it all. See, your teachers weren’t lying when they said math is fun!

28. Always Take the Shortcut

Why complicate things when they can be so simple? This child has the right perspective on life: the maze looked too complicated, so he created his own direct and shortcut route to the treasure. Kudos to him for his originality and innovation.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

This kid definitely takes the cake for outsmarting a teacher, but we’re guessing he was instructed to complete the maze just like every other learner after they shared a laugh together. Or maybe the teacher was so blown away, the kid was let off the hook.

29. Hmmm…That Escalated Quickly!

When it comes to priorities, this little guy knows exactly what he wants out of life. The world domination part seems a bit excessive, but at least it’s only number three and finding a girlfriend is more important to him.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen such a resolute game plan coming from such a young kid. Notice how he wrote “rule the world” in bigger letters? Everybody wants to rule the world, so we’re all with you on that one, kiddo!

30. Blast from the Past

While this learner might not be the most adept at algebra, her slang is pretty on point. The term “radical” must have gotten her thinking, so she answered in an equally radical way. She wasn’t wrong; this math question does look rather gnarly and intimidating.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Was she just following simple instructions or is she a sneaky opportunist who wanted to be smart and funny? We don’t know, but we love it all the same, as well as the way the student writes “y” — it looks very radical too.

31. Nice Try!

If you are going to give the wrong answer, always be sure to write Hugh Jackman – it has a good ring to it. These questions are pretty boring, so well done to the child for brightening things up a bit with that “clever” play-on-words answer.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Could the teacher not have just written “shade” or “color?” If a teacher wants to make things a bit tricky, it shouldn’t be surprising when the students come up with even trickier answers. So, there you have it – Hugh Jackman for the win!

32. Enjoy It While It Lasts, Son!

Well, Frankie didn’t mince his words for this one. At least the teacher knows exactly where the students stands on the issue of finding a job to support himself. We can only hope the kid’s attitude changes in the future, and he better enjoy being a freeloader while it lasts.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Frankie’s parents aren’t doing him any favors by giving him a free ride, and they should make this little smarty pants do some chores around the house. As we just said, he should enjoy the free ride while it lasts because it ain’t going to last forever, that’s for sure!

33. Lost and Found

Hey teacher, there it is. How’s that for the easiest math question in the history of mathematical problems!? Excuse me, hold on a second, are you saying this isn’t what the teacher really meant when he said “Find X?”

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Variables are not the easiest concept to grasp, so this kid made a good attempt at answering the question. Oh, and once again the question could have been a bit more specific. That, or the student was just being a smart aleck.


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