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10 Furry Friends Who Are Impossibly Photogenic

Some of us have to work for stardom. For others, it comes naturally. The following animals are definitely pros, and the little guy at #7 will have you wondering if there’s actually a human in there… Whether you’re team Blue Steel or Magnum, you’re in for a treat.

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

This kangaroo is laying it on thick! Those smoldering eyes are simply irresistible. Looks like he’s spotted some eye candy over on slide #5. Hubba hubba!

Key Word Lister

Curiously Contemplating

So stoic, yet inquisitive. So eager, and yet so serious. What is he thinking? Probably about our friend over on slide #4. I know I am.

Dog Cat Selfie

Reaching For The Stars

These two were born to shine, with such excellent form. Can you say, SUPERSTARS! If you think these guys are a hoot, just you wait.

LOLWUT / Metro

Hanging Around

I mean, cmon. Look at that sweet face and those soft eyes. This panda bear is just absolutely, positively dreamy. What’s not to love?

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Sultry Yet Sophisticated

This little duckling seems to be taking notes from our Kangaroo friend, and things are heating up in here! Body language is everything, not to mention those seductive eyes.

Earth Porm

Mad Skills

This feline is showing off its skills with exquisite form. Keeping eye contact at such heights proves his talent is leaps and bounds above the competition.

Thema News

Ready For My Close Up!

Well if this isn’t the happiest little squirrel in the world. Smizing on point! We’ll thank our friend Tyra Banks for that trick.

Bored Panda

Glam Squad

Move over Kim, Courtney, and Khloé. There’s a new, fresh, and fab crew in town. Yes, these scales are designer. No, you cannot touch.

Flickr / Henry Lizardlover


Aww, this little lion cub is so shy! Yet so cute! Those playful paws and the one enticing eye make this photo over-the-top adorable.

Pinterest / Arata

Cracking Up

How can you NOT chuckle at this seal’s jolly face? He’s obviously cracking up from looking at our friends over on slide #3.

House Beautiful

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