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Gaming Prodigy Runs “Super Mario Brothers” At Inhuman Speed

World records can be obtained in almost any category. From athletics to beauty, there really isn’t an end to the possibilities. One of the most competitive genres of world records is gaming. Whoever holds a record in a particular game is regarded as a king and marked as the one to beat. However, it might take a while for someone to beat this new Mario Brothers speedrunner’s record.

Kosmic: Ruler Of The Universe

Kosmic is the new man to beat when it comes to Super Mario Brothers. He was able to complete a run in the any% category in 4:55 and 913ms. Although this record sounds impressive, you may be thinking that surely someone can beat it.

Kosmicd12 / YouTube

That is highly unlikely. For one thing, the previous record was held by the same man, who ran the game in 4:56 and 245ms. Additionally, the fastest the game could ever be played, according to simulators, is 4:54 and 30ms.

The Superhuman Speedrunner

According to these models, Kosmic is less than 2 seconds away from beating a computer model. If that isn’t superhuman speed, then what is? It isn’t just his ability to move quickly that earned him the record, though.

Kosmicd12 / YouTube

He also put in years of hard work and dedication. All that practice clearly paid off. His record-winning game was nearly perfect. With only minor slip-ups, he was able to keep up with the computer model almost perfectly.

A Unique Character

While it will be hard, someone could potentially beat Kosmic. Speedrunners have been slowly dwindling down their times for years. However, there is one thing that makes Kosmic especially hard to beat.

Kosmicd12 / YouTube

He was able to decrease his time by 685 ms overnight. That kind of progress takes gamers months to achieve. It will be exciting to see what this gaming prodigy does next.

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