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Singer Garth Brooks Offers Newly Engaged Fans an Unbelievable Gift During Concert

30-year-old Drew Bargsley got down on one knee to ask the love of his life, 26-year-old Chelsea Townsend, to marry him during a Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood concert in Oklahoma City. However, Bargsley didn’t expect Brooks to beat his surprise proposal by offering to pay for their honeymoon.

Garth Brooks

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Bargsley and Townsend have been a couple for almost three years and have a lovely 1-year-old daughter together. While Bargsley initially wanted the concert to be a birthday gift for Townsend, he later decided to buy an engagement ring and propose during the concert instead.

As planned, when singer Garth Brooks performed the song, “Unanswered Prayers”, the excited Bargsley popped the question and when the singer-songwriter was told about what’s happening in the crowd, he stopped the concert midway to congratulate the couple.

Chaz Cook, who was also a present at the concert, recorded a video of the event and shared it on Facebook. In the video, Brooks is seen interviewing the couple and eventually sharing a wonderful surprise that made everyone cheered with delight.

After asking Townsend if she had any place in mind for their honeymoon, the singer told the couple: “I tell you what, if you pick Hawaii, Ms. Yearwood and I will pay for it, ok? Congratulations!”

In an interview with Today, Bargsley shared that the moment can be liked to an out-of-body experience. He added that “Everyone was looking at us and we were shaking, trying not to say anything too stupid.”

The honeymoon offer was such a gift to the couple especially since they did not expect go to a lavish vacation after their wedding.

“That was a very unexpected blessing. I didn’t think we’d ever get further than a couple states outside of Texas for our honeymoon,” said Bargsley.

When asked about Brooks’ generous gesture, he said: “He put on a tremendous show, so there was no reason to give us anything that he did. We’re just real grateful.”

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