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These Gems Of Hilarious Animal Adoption Ads Deserve A Prize

There’s no Sarah Mclachlan songs to go with these ads, but there’s still a ton of… creativity? From “cat snakes” to pirate cats and winged, emerald green “beauties,” you have to check out these cute little animals and the silly social media ads people posted to get them adopted!

Bring Home A Cat Snake Today!

This found ferret was posted on Craigslist as “some sort of cat snake?” The post goes on to say it’s, “Long and nimble with dry fur and cat teeth. It seems to like cat food but isn’t a cat. Please come take this off my hands it smells weird.” Oh, brother.

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Aaaarrr, Adopt Me Ye Will

This one-eyed wonder really inspired the person who wrote about her. “Avast, me hearties!… She is a pirate cat of mighty passions! Her love for her cap’n shows in a purr that can be heard from bow to stern.” Yo, ho, ho, a cat owner’s life for me!

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Bad Breakup? Buy 16 Reptiles!

The things we do when our heart is broken. This poor girl writes, “I am going through a difficult breakup and impulsively adopted 16 different types of reptiles over Craigslist. I have made a huge mistake. My roommates are furious… They are all named Amanda.” Somebody, please help this lady!

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My Spidey Senses Are Tingling

Another Craigslist gem, this guy was very worried about his sad pet spider. He urges someone to care for the little guy, as “it lost its mate and it’s been lonely and depressed.” Not sure why he can’t just let it wander off into the wild, or how he even knows it’s depressed. But hey, we hope he found a good home!

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Who Knew Flies Made Great Pets

To round out our list of Craigslist cleverness, check out this ad for a “Beautiful Fly.” This creative character claims, “I caught a fly. Shimmers green, red eyes. Measures approximately 9mm by 5mm, flies great. Want to give to a good home.” Hmmm… I would but I seem to have plenty already.

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