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Chocolate Flows Into The Streets ‘Willy Wonka’ Style After German Factory Spill

Every fan of chocolate wishes they could have witnessed the delicious chocolate spill in Westonnen, Germany. It was an accident, but the best one possible, according to fans of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. About a ton of chocolate spilled out of a factory and caked the street, surprising everyone in sight. It was almost like a scene out of Dahl’s children’s book.

Largest Chocolate Spill

On December 10, flowing streams of chocolate goodness began streaming out of Germany’s DreiMeister chocolate factory. A tank had overflowed, causing a river of chocolate to pour out of the factory and into the streets surrounding the facility.

The chocolate soon solidified and hardened on the road, creating a chocolate runway in western Germany. “A ten-square-meter choco-pancake formed,” said a spokesman of the Werl fire brigade. But no one could eat this delicious mess.

Removing The Chocolate

Due to the traffic hazard, around 25 firemen worked to remove the chocolate, prying the delicious mess with shovels and “muscle power.” The road was closed for two hours, and firemen had to use blow torches and hot water to remove the hardened chocolate. The chocolate was then thrown away in nearby storage bins.

While chocolate fans were happy about the mess, DreiMeister chief executive Markus Luckey stated that if the spill had occurred closer to Christmas, it would have been “a catastrophe” for the factory to lose that much chocolate.

A Pure Imagination

When news broke about the giant chocolate spill, it became a viral topic on social media. Fans were quick to compare the spill to the chocolate river in the classic 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Before the chocolate hardened on the road, it looked like a river. Unfortunately, you couldn’t take a boat ride in this version.

Fans were eagerly waiting for Willy Wonka to appear, sharing chocolate with everyone. Did he have golden tickets? What was one company’s mess was another person’s pleasure, or rather a pure imagination.

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