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The Internet Is Oddly Charmed By These German Firefighters Rescuing ‘Chubby Rat’ Stuck In Manhole

When a chubby rat got stuck in a manhole cover in Germany, heroic firefighters came to his rescue. Though the rodent didn’t come out easily, the team stuck with it until they found a way to free him and send him back home.

Firefighters Jump Into Action

Firefighters are used to answering emergency calls to help someone in distress. It’s their job, after all. Most of the time they are called to help a human or maybe a cat stuck in a tree. On February 24 in the German town of Bensheim, though, they were called into service the job was a little bit different.

In this case, their victim was a chubby rat who hadn’t shed his winter weight and got stuck in a manhole cover. As usual, the first responders jumped into action when needed.

Amazing Rescue Took Time

Freeing the rat wasn’t easy. It was more like an extended process. The firefighters donned protective gloves and employed the most obvious approach first – simply easing the animal out of the hole. When that didn’t work, they kept on trying. Ultimately, it took eight firefighters and an animal expert to help. Their perseverance paid off for the tiny, helpless mammal.

The rescuers were able to get the rat back to where he came from and some people on social media asked why they put the rat right back into the sewer he was trying to climb out of. Regardless, the animal was certainly glad to have his freedom again.

Distressed Rat Somehow Still Looks Adorable

Rats aren’t typically well-liked and they don’t always get the highest levels of respect. But this rat looks adorable and his rescue has charmed the internet. Many are saying that any animal deserves empathy and should be helped when they’re in trouble.

Let’s hope he is able to shed his rodent love handles and avoid getting stuck in any other tight spaces.

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