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These Giant Dog Beds Shaped Like Shoes Will Make Your Day

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Does your pet adore cuddling up with your favorite pair of slippers? If so, then you’ve got to check out the latest trend to hit the internet: gigantic dog beds shaped like shoes. Now, your beloved pair of Crocs can be transformed into the world’s most comfortable dog bed. These massive shoe beds for dogs are guaranteed to make your day.

Croc Love

For animal fanatics, Amazon’s adorable shoe dog beds are 100% necessary. They’re shaped like Crocs, but they’re designed to be large enough for a dog to sleep in. That’s not all – the dog beds are available for sale in beige, pink, and yellow, but different colors have different prices. It costs around $60 for the yellow Croc bed, over $70 for the pink, and about $250 for the beige.

Not only are these dog shoe beds extremely comfortable, but they’re also an incredibly stylish way for your pet to snooze. Plus, they have a non-skid base that prevents them from sliding around on slippery floors. That way, you don’t have to worry about Fido gliding around your hardwood floors. It also comes with a removable fleece liner that you can easily remove to clean. What’s not to love?

Puppy Paradise

Amazon has been full of amazing reviews for its dog shoe beds. One Amazon customer raved, “What a super little bed this is, I think its such a clever idea, you can clean it whenever you need to…and it keeps your pet nice and snug and looks really nice too.” The best part about Amazon’s dog shoe beds is that it’s super painless to wash. Also, they’re a very cute and cuddly present for your pet. It definitely looks like this fun item is worth the investment!

Surprisingly, online reviews have shown that these enormous shoe beds are for more than just dogs – they can also be used for cats and tortoises. One Amazon user shared, “Everybody wants to know where on earth I got it from! Both my little dog and my cat sleep in it so it must be comfortable as well.” Another Amazon user dished, “This is fantastic for our seven-year-old tortoise he just loves it, he goes in and out of it himself and loves the soft material, great price, very fast delivery.” Nowadays, you can even buy your pet a dog shoe bed to match your own pair of Crocs!

Dog Days

As if that wasn’t enough, you can now purchase a heated dog bed for your precious pet. Perfect for blustery winter nights, the Thermo Snuggly Sleeper is another must-have from Amazon. With 6-watts of electricity, this comfy dog bed will modify its temperature in accordance with the animal’s body heat. For dogs with hip or joint pain, it’s basically as close as they can get to paradise!

When viral news site WhoaTastic posted a Facebook video about the giant dog shoe beds, it received 12,000 shares, 3,500 comments, and 1,400 likes. The WhoaTastic commercial features a pup sleeping comfortably at the foot of his master’s bed in his tremendous dog bed. The delightful clip also shows three dogs resting comfortably in just one shoe bed. The delightful video even highlights a cat snuggling up in an enormous dog shoe bed. These Croc dog shoe beds will probably start dominating over your Instagram feed in the near future. With internet users taking more pictures of their animals than their partners, the odds of a giant dog shoe bed popping up on your Twitter feed are pretty high. Get in on the animal-friendly trend before it’s too late!

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