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These Folks Thought They’d Adopted Normal-Sized Animals – What They Got Were Giant Pets

samson the cat kitty giant pet

Perhaps they were fully aware of what that cute little animal baby they adopted would turn out to be, but most likely, it took them by surprise. What was at first adorable and manageable soon enough grew up to be one giant pet — and it’s absolutely marvelous.

These enormous animals surpassed all expectations, and caused their owners to readjust their lives in order to properly take care of their needs. But they also show how gentle giants can incorporate themselves so wonderfully and lovingly into a family home. Get a load of these enormous pets, the biggest snuggle masters of all.

1. I Ate Mondays

If the first thing that jumps into your mind when you see this giant pet is a real-life version of the much beloved Sunday comic strip star Garfield, you wouldn’t be alone — but you would definitely be wrong. This isn’t Garfield, though this cat looks like he straight up ate Garfield. This enormous feline is easily the missing link between house cats and lions.

ginger kitty cat giant pet

Meet the powerful tabby called Omar, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. When his owner picked him out of the litter, he looked the exact same size as all of his other kitty siblings. But Omar grew to a whopping 3 feet, 11 inches in length, prompting the Guinness World Records committee to take interest.

2. A Horse By Any Other Name

This giant pet has a pretty wacky origins story. His adoptive mom, Sue Markham of Gainsborough, England, came across him as a little puppy at a pet shop, and instantly fell in love. There was just one problem: her husband had told her that he didn’t think they could handle having a big dog at home.

great dane jack russell dog puppy giant pet

Darren O’Brien/Mercury Press/Sue Markham

So Sue told her husband that she had adopted a Jack Russell terrier! But this newborn puppy quickly gave away his true identity: by the age of five months, he had already surpassed even the most impressive Jack Russell. Called Yogi, but nicknamed ‘Bear,’ he is now the size of an above-average basketball player, standing at 6-foot-10 from tip to tip.

3. Hoppily Ever After

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t buy a little bunny rabbit for your friends as an Easter present. All ethical issues aside, you have no way of knowing if you’re accidentally saddling those near and dear to you with a giant. Meet Simon, belonging to a breed of rabbit known as Flemish Giant.

bunny rabbit giant pet

New York Post

This giant pet will make you grateful that Watership Down wasn’t real, because if a hoard of these banded together, there’s no telling what they might do to humanity. We’ve always known how cuddly rabbits can be, but did you realize you might actually have to choose which one of you is the big spoon?

4. Grumpy Giant

Admit it: if you caught this giant pet cat strolling around your neighborhood, you certainly would not be penalized for wondering if a juvenile snow leopard had escaped from your local zoo. This silky beast looks sturdy enough that little kids might be able to ride him — if he’d let them.

giant pet kitty cat

As tempting as it may look to give this kitty a belly rub, he seems like he would be less than receptive. It seems he’s quite a bit size-conscious, as evidenced by how thrilled his owner is to hold him up and show him off, to this fabulous feline’s less-than-pleased expression.

5. Lap-ybara

Fancy yourself a giant pet rodent? While it may sound cringe-worthy in description, just take a look at this adorable South American creature, called a capybara. While its smaller rodent cousins like rats and hamsters can be absolutely frenetic and even violent with their energy levels, these enormous furballs are actually quite chill.

capybara lap rodent giant pet

But even if their sweet disposition seems tempting, you might have to make some big life changes in order to accommodate them. Capybaras are very social, and so adopting more than one is recommended. Make sure you have a pool of water for them, as they are semi-aquatic — and check if they’re even legal in your area.

6. Cool Parka

Sometimes, when the winter chill has got you down, don’t you just wish you had a coat this fuzzy and warm to keep you nice and snug? This giant pet teddy bear is a breed of dog known as a Tibetan Mastiff, and it would appear that being its human owner would require a whole lot of conditioner.

tibetan mastiff dog puppy giant pet


These snow beasts are originally from — you guessed it — Tibet, where their extra thick and lush coats come in handy against the frigid winds and snows of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau. They were bred to help protect sheep from threats as big as snow leopards, bears and tigers (oh my!).

7. This (Not So) Little Piggy

It all began rather unexpectedly. Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, a couple living in Ontario, Canada, adopted a baby piglet, just under four pounds. They named their new swine princess Esther, and marveled at how well she got along with their dogs. But what happened next took everyone entirely by surprise.

pig hog giant pet

Bored Panda

Pretty soon, as Esther grew and grew, she overtook her canine companions, and then utterly dwarfed them. The portly lady ended up weighing a whopping 650 pounds. All Steve and Derek could do was shrug in amazement and adapt their lives to include their giant pet — and her equally giant appetite! She even changed theirs: both her dads have become vegan.

8. Fluff Monster

New York City has given rise to a score of famous faces, from singers to movie stars to great writers. Joining the long list of the Big Apple’s celebrities is this most recent entry, a rising star who goes by the name of Samson. New York’s all-too famous rats must quake in fear as he stomps down the street.

samson the cat kitty giant pet


Actually, Samson prefers to get his dose of sunshine in a baby stroller rather than actually being walked — as we all know, cats and leashes do not a match make. This powerful prince weighs a whopping 28 pounds, and at four feet in length he holds the title as the biggest cat in New York.

9. Hold Me

It’s unclear who’s taking this photograph, but whoever the cameraman is, he seems to have this giant pet pooch absolutely spooked. This massive canine seems to not have any inkling as to how enormous he truly is, because seeing as he’s bigger than his human sidekick, he’s clearly more equipped to fight off any danger.

great dane giant pet dog

2 BP Blogspot

A form of an Anatolian Shepherd, a dog breed originating in Turkey, this huge dog with his fantastically droopy jowls appears to be more of a gentle soul than his intimidating size might indicate. Perhaps what is just a tad disarming is his fashion choice, as he’s rocking a collar with the perfect amount of pizzazz.

10. Going Somewhere?

The look on this Saint Bernard’s face looks like a club bouncer, starting to feel the fatigue at the end of a long shift but still entirely capable of blocking you from passing. But while being a fiercely loyal guard dog, this snuggle beast appears to possess just one goal in life.

dog giant pet

While Saint Bernards are one of the more impressive dog breeds when it comes to size, this good ‘ol boy is definitely the exception to the rule. It looks like he got quite used to being a cuddly lap warmer as a puppy, and never quite got the hint that he’s too big for that now!

11. Break The Table

This giant pet Newfoundland isn’t just a cuddle partner — he’s the whole entire bed. It looks like it would be a whole operation in and of itself just to load this truck of a dog onto the patient table in this vet’s office the first place. And where through all that fur do you put the stethoscope?

newfoundland dog puppy huge giant pet

4 BP Blogspot

This vet looks more than amused by the most unusual patient. That’s certainly not something you see every day. What’s wonderful about this and so many other huge dogs is their disposition: it looks so gentle and sweet. At that size, if it had a bad temper, you had better start running.

12. The Missing Lynx

Cats are known for being light on their feet, practically silent as they stalk about the house surveying their jungle lair. But with the way the paws on this giant pet look, it seems as though it would not be hard to detect its approach as it lumbers on down the hall.

giant pet cat kitty maine coon


This Norwegian forest cat is a fine representative of a breed that was likely developed by the Vikings over a thousand years ago. Its size and reputation for agility helped this kitty work its way into Norse legends as a sort of fairy-cat. This particular mythical being here is being surprisingly patient with its human.

13. Tip Me

Sure, cow-tipping is a pastime in rural areas that has practically become a right of passage, but it looks like you might need an entire squad if you wanted to even think about attempting to topple this positively gargantuan animal. This legend among dairy cows named Blosom from Illinois was a record-breaker in her time.

cow giant pet

Blosom’s human mom adopted her when she was only eight weeks old, and while her breed, the Holstein, is known as the world’s most popular dairy cow, she never could have imagined what her calf would turn into. At six-foot-four, this gentle giant towered above the rest of the herd.

14. Chubby Bunny

Remember that childhood game where you had to insert as many marshmallows as possible into your mouth and still be able to pronounce the phrase ‘chubby bunny?’ The expression had to have come from somewhere, and it looks like this proud girl has found the source: her giant pet rabbit.

ralph rabbit bunny giant pet

This burly bunny is so massive it looks like it’s been hitting the gym and sporting its own set of guns. It’s large enough that you could do curl-ups with it, but the question remains: is that a real muscle on this larger than life lagomorph, or just one fantastic layer of fluff?

Think that’s wild? Then you’ll love the giant pets up ahead!

15. I’m Making Waffles

Considering that donkeys are meant to be smaller than horses, this one looks like a real-life optical illusion. But your eyes do not deceive you: as of 2013, this impressive beast of burden is the largest recorded donkey in the world. And with great size comes great responsibility. This donkey has a special job.

donkey giant pet

Belonging to the breed known as the American Mammoth, this giant donkey, known as Romulus, has an important function on his family’s Texas ranch. Along with his brother Remus, he helps stand guard to protect the other livestock on the farm from hungry predators on the prowl. He stands taller than many humans, at five-foot-eight.

16. Love Bug

Capybaras are noted as having an extraordinarily calm disposition, and a penchant for hanging out with the most unlikely of animals in the South American wetlands they call home. They have been sighted chatting with unruly monkeys, allowing birds to perch on their backs, and even sunning themselves besides crocodiles.

capybara kitty cat giant pet


Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this giant pet rodent has taken to its other furry siblings at home in the same way it might in its natural habitat. All it wants is to give this kitty cat a proper snuggle, but because of its massive size, it seems in danger of squishing its feline friend!

17. Down, Boys

The scale comparison here is absolutely shocking. This huge rabbit is not just the equal of its Shetland sheepdog friend; it’s even bigger. Just its floppy velvety ears alone happen to be even longer than the dog’s head. You have to wonder which one of these animals runs faster when their owner lets them outside.

collie dog bunny rabbit giant pet

First For Women

After having a good romp outside, it looks like this unlikely pair of friends is all tuckered out and in need of a good nap. That being said, the lightweight Sheltie had better be careful that its bunny buddy doesn’t accidentally roll over in its sleep. Wonder if the rabbit can play fetch too?

18. Snow Beast

Think of all the different layers you have to put on just to deal with that awful wintry weather outside. Not so with this majestic dog, who seems well-prepared for even the harshest weather with that gorgeously sleek and shiny fur coat. And if this colossal canine carries about it an air of royalty, it’s only doing honor to its ancestors.

dog giant pet

Known as the Leonberger, this real-life stuffed animal lookalike was originally bred in southern Germany in the 19th century. It quickly became a favorite among several different royal families of Europe, who noticed its larger-than-life qualities and beauty. The town where it was first bred has a lion as its coat of arms — and this dog looks similar enough!

19. Who, Me?

For a dog that was so used to being in the public eye, this Great Dane’s look of surprise in this picture is rather amusing. Known as George, this giant pet pooch resided in Arizona, and was massive enough at over seven feet tall to win the Guinness World Record for tallest dog in the world.

great dane dog giant pet

The Hydrant

But there’s a hilarious twist to George’s story of superstardom. Long before he was the subject of book deals and interview with Oprah Winfrey, George was actually the runt of his litter. His adoptive parents knew they would be adopting one of the largest dog breeds, but never could they have imagined he’d reach such proportions!

20. Goofy Giant

Pitbulls get a bad rap, to the point that their enthusiasts have made themselves a slogan: “Don’t bully my breed!” They know that their dog’s behavior is the responsibility of its trainers: while it can be taught to be a menace, it can also be endlessly sweet, loyal, humorous, and playful.

pitbull dog giant pet

There’s something just so soulful about the deep amber hues of this giant pet’s eyes. It looks like the only danger you might face in its presence is accidentally being knocked over by a beast who doesn’t know its own strength when reaching up to give you a hug — or a dance!

Think that’s incredible? Don’t miss out, there are more giant pets like that on the way.

21. Moral Support

While having a giant pet can have its drawbacks — the amount of food and space required to maintain them, for example — there can also be something incredibly reassuring about sharing your space with a huge but gentle guardian angel. There’s no chance anyone in this park will disturb this lady and her loyal pooch.

giant pet

This mastiff just wants his mommy to know that she’s got a friend in him, and he’s watching her back with the utmost loyalty and sense of duty. Hopefully nobody with a tasty sandwich will come by, or she might start to feel a certain dampness down the back of her shirt.

22. If I Fits, I Sits

This enormous black beauty didn’t quite understand the space ratio between the size of its hulking body and its owner’s lap, but that certainly didn’t stop it from trying — even if it meant only being able to fit its hind quarters comfortable. It’s clearly demonstrating a habit learned as a puppy.

dog giant pet

4 BP Blogspot

Yet even if this position doesn’t look the most accommodating for either party involved, there’s something incredibly sweet about this image. The dog probably understand that this is not the ideal perch, but it doesn’t care — being close to the one it loves is far more important than anything else could be.

23. Hare-raiser

This little girl is standing on her tippy toes just to be able to properly show off her giant pet rabbit in all her glory. With a hare this big, she can have plenty of fun with her furry friend outside — the chances of something so extraordinarily large for its species getting lost seem close to nil.

rabbit giant pet

Mike Jones/Caters News

What is truly impressive about this cute picture is not just the height of the rabbit when fully stretched out, but rather what’s going on at the bottom of the picture. Look at the size of this rabbit’s back paws as compared to the girl’s shoes. They’re practically the same size!

24. Can I Help You?

Who knew just how much sofa space one dog could take up? Malamutes were known as the babysitter dogs in their native home in the Arctic wilds of Alaska, for which their giant shaggy carpet of fur is well-suited. This giant pet looks more like a wolf than anything else.

malamute giant pet

Recreo Viral

While often mistaken for the visually-similar Siberian husky, these dogs have a few key traits that set them apart. Unlike huskies, their fluffy, floppy ears are set on the side of the head rather than on top. Thankfully, this fluff ball is less vocal than huskies — which is good, because its bark must be more like a roar!

25. That’ll Do, Pig

As a pet, guinea pigs are rather unusual. They don’t really do much of anything, you can’t exactly teach them tricks, and they’re more like animated fuzzy potatoes than anything else. But something about them continues to endear us — and they are usually able to be held in just one hand.

guinea pig giant pet


Not so with this hulking porker, the master of all guinea pigs. Looking more like a capybara than a typical representative of its own species, this squeaking lump of fuzz may be a hefty armful, but in the end all it wants is to be loved and held like a baby.

Sources: oddee.comGuinness World Records

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