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This Gibbon Was Held Captive In Terrible Conditions For 2 Years Before An Angel Rescued Him

He had spent his whole life locked in a small cage, with nothing to do but hurt himself and rock back and forth. The people that held him captive had no idea how to properly care for him and allowed his torment to go on and on. Would Daru the Gibbon ever know freedom?

Victims Of Cuteness

Gibbons are an endangered species of ape that are often mistaken for monkeys. Malaysia’s rainforests are home to 5 species of gibbon, including the biggest and the smallest. Gibbons have been victims of the pet trade, with mother gibbons being shot so their infants can be sold as pets.


A Tiny Cage

Daru is a gibbon that had been taken from the wild and forced to live in a tiny cage for two years. Kids would tease and poke at him with sticks. Instead of a normal omnivore diet of meat, fruit, and vegetables, he was given junk food and ice cream which left him skinny and malnourished.

The Dodo

Constant Torment

“He was kept inside a small cage under a banana tree and surrounded by dogs,” Mariani Ramli, founder of Gibbon Protection Society Malaysia (GPSM), said in an interview. “He had no clean water, and he was only fed once or twice a week. His fur stuck together like dreadlocks because of the plant sap dripping inside of the cage.”

The Dodo

Hurting Himself

When someone called Mariani to let her know that the owner would surrender Daru, she drove 4 hours to pick him up. Despite his poor condition, she was determined to help him. “He kept on hurting himself, showing that he didn’t have any motivation to live,” she said. “He didn’t have an appetite, and he was very aggressive towards humans.”

The Dodo

Amazing Improvement

Four years later, Daru is now 7 years old and has shown amazing improvement. “I am amazed by his progress,” Mariani said. “The most inspiring thing was when he stopped hurting himself because it broke my heart every time I saw him biting and pulling his own hair.”

While Daru doesn’t yet have all the skills to return to the wild, Mariani hasn’t lost hope. “He is still young, and he deserves every chance,” Ramli said. “I will never lose hope on him. I will keep trying.”

The Dodo


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