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New Hampshire Girl Buys Presents On Black Friday And Donates Them For The Holidays

Black Friday is often a time of chaotic spending and self-indulging purchases. However, one sweet girl took it upon herself to use her savings to purchase a ton of awesome toys, and immediately gave them all away!

Rylee’s Big-Hearted Goal

Rylee Hebert from Nashua, New Hampshire isn’t like most kids her age. While most 8-year-olds are ecstatic to receive new toys and gifts during Christmastime, Rylee understands that she has plenty and is more fortunate than many children. “Some kids don’t get a big Christmas like other kids,” she explained.


At first, Rylee wasn’t exactly sure what organization she wanted to support during the holiday season. However, she was certain of one thing: she wanted to contribute to charity. Her proud mother and father helped her decide on donating to Toys for Tots, and Rylee quickly got to work saving money to support the incredible group.

Saving For Selfless Reasons

She quickly started to work towards purchasing as many toys for underprivileged children as possible. She began to sell homemade bracelets to peers, family, and friends. During summertime, she gave up afternoons by the pool and playing with pals to keeping selling her jewelry, setting up a super successful stand at Salisbury Market.


Through all her efforts, she ultimately earned a pretty incredible amount: $265. Rylee became thrilled as Black Friday approached and scouted out the best locations to purchase as many toys as possible. And when the big day rolled around, she and her parents loaded up in their SUV and took off to complete her awesome, selfless task.

Incredible Black Friday Mission

On Black Friday, Rylee browsed through Pheasant Lane Mall, snatching up a number of epic toys for donation. Rylee didn’t stray from her mission once, never hesitating to spend all of her funds on kids in need. At the end of the day, she and her family dropped all the toys off at a Marine Toys for Tots box located in Haverhill, which would be given to less fortunate kids in her community.


Even after her success on Black Friday, Rylee continued to sell her bracelets for $1, hoping to collect even more for Toys for Tots before Christmas rolled around. Rylee’s parents are incredibly proud of her hard work, dedication, and big heart, especially since she took an interest in charity before they could suggest it. We can only imagine all the selfless projects Rylee will take on in the future.

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