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This Incredible 6-Year-Old Girl Acts As The Primary Caregiver For Her Paralyzed Father

When most kids might complain and protest about helping their parents out around the house, one six-year-old girl in China puts other children to shame. For years, Jia Jia has been the predominant caregiver for her paralyzed father.

An Unbelievable Duo Left Behind

When Jia Jia’s father, Tian Haicheng, was paralyzed following a tragic taxicab crash, the two were left to fend for themselves. Jia Jia’s mother abandoned her daughter and husband and took her younger brother when she left.

At six years old, Jia Jia wakes up very early every morning before she heads off to school. She dutifully attends to her paralyzed father, massaging his muscles, feeding him meals, and even gives him a shave. Never complaining about her life, Jia Jia is happy to be able to support and look after her father. She understands that her father loves her and needs help, and she isn’t too tired to do what she can.

Determined And Dutiful Despite The Odds

When most young children are spending time playing with friends, thinking about make-believe creatures, or goofing off, Jia Jia selflessly cares for her ailing father instead. In a cruel twist of fate, Jia Jia’s father looks to his daughter to help him get around in life.

When Jia Jia was asked about how she feels toward her mother, the young child responded “She doesn’t miss her mom,” because she left dad behind when he needed her most. Jia Jia does miss her younger brother terribly, who has not been seen since her mom took him with her.

Melting Hearts Worldwide

Despite the hardship that this little girl and her father Tian Haicheng face, they still manage to smile, laugh, and enjoy life. Jia Jia makes sure to do her homework after looking after her father. Tian lets his daughter ride along on his motorized wheelchair.

As this amazing and incredible little girl’s love and devotion toward her father melts hearts worldwide, hopefully, more financial support can be given to make life easier for the pair. And perhaps, Jia Jia can spend more time being a kid, instead of a caretaker for her appreciative father.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved