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Girl Shares Loving Photo Of Her Mom On Twitter And Inadvertently Starts A Touching Mother-Daughter Shoutout Trend

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Viral pictures on social media are a very common occurrence. From pictures that are turned into memes to cute pictures of dogs that gain many comments, pictures can easily go viral. However, most pictures don’t start a beauty contest on Twitter. Recently, a proud daughter accidentally started a beauty contest in her thread when she shared pictures of her mom.

Conventional Beauty Standards

Society has become much more accepting of people who do not fit into a certain mold, but it still has a long way to go. One area where there is a need for improvement is with older women. There is still a preconception that older women are not as beautiful as younger women, except for a few famous people, such as JLo. However, most daughters think that their moms are just as beautiful now as they were a few years ago despite their age. Although women do not talk about it frequently, many women may not feel as beautiful as they did a decade before because they’re older. The Twitter Beauty Contest shows that women are beautiful no matter what. They just need someone to remind them, like @shipilkins.

The Beginnings Of the Beauty Contest

This proud daughter, who uses the handle @shipilkins, posted a picture of her 43-year old mom who looks like she has eternal youth. Her mom’s pictures gained 23,000 likes and had many Twitter users wanting to find out her beauty secrets. Other members fawned over this mom’s beauty and made sure this daughter knows. Various users even asked for @shipilkin’s permission to date her mom. However, other Twitter users were inspired to share their mother’s beauty and used this thread to share beautiful pictures of their moms. This inspiration was the start of the beauty contest.

Many of the moms in the pictures shared on this thread look like they have bathed in the fountain of youth. All of the moms featured in this impromptu beauty contest were beautiful, but the contest portrayed something other than external beauty. Twitter users showed their own beauty, not through pictures of themselves, but of pictures of their moms. Each user who posted pictures of their moms showed their love by thinking enough to share their beauty with others. Most of these pictures did not go viral like the original post, but they were still important because women were building other women up!

And The Winner Is…

Although this thread was filled with pictures of beautiful mothers in the prime of their lives, it was ultimately a dad who won the beauty contest. Twitter user @spb_chikimoni posted a picture of their dad in what seems to be his natural habitat. His picture threw users for a loop since he was smiling and laying on the ground, surrounded by a dog, a cat, and five fish. The nature-filled picture received 1.9k likes which threw him over the edge to win the beauty contest.

All Of Us!

Twitter user @Gom_gom_gom made an astute observation saying, “I look at these really beautiful women in the game and I recall that at 25, we already consider the woman to be ‘old.’ Who invented such a heresy at all[?]” Her comment shows how important it is to celebrate women’s beauty, no matter the age. Although these women aged incredibly well, it does not change their age. These pictures of these gorgeous moms show that age does not matter and that beauty is not just skin deep. Furthermore, since a dad won a contest with these gorgeous ladies shows that men can be beautiful too without worrying about losing their masculinity.

This thread was filled with unconventional beauties, and each shone brightly. This Twitter thread showed the strong bond between mother and daughter, and how it can manifest itself in the strangest of ways, like an impromptu beauty contest.

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