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Every Parent Should Read This Girl’s Powerful Twitter Thread Crushing Every Misconception About Vaccines

We’re fortunate enough to live in a world of advanced medical knowledge and technology that allows us to fight and prevent disease. However, some people reject mainstream methods due to irrational, emotion-based beliefs. Fortunately, there are people out there with the facts, who take it upon themselves to shut ridiculous medical conspiracies down!

The Plight Of Anti-Vaxxers

The last decade has seen the rise of a new group of medicine-resistant parents: anti-vaxxers. These people are vehement rejecters of many mainstream vaccinations that are heavily recommended for most children. While this may sound medically reckless, their reasons for being against vaccinations are even more bizarre!

According to anti-vaxxers, allowing children to get vaccines can pose a threat to their mental and physical health. They believe that certain essential ingredients in vaccines can be more harmful than helpful. Many even believe that vaccines can cause autism! But thankfully, one informed user took to Twitter this week to set the facts straight about vaccinations.

Tearing Apart Faulty Arguments

Twitter user Taylor Sharp (@tsharp) was sick of seeing phony arguments presented by anti-vaxxers and decided to conduct some research of her own. She ended up writing her entire senior paper around the truth about vaccinations! After concluding her studies, she decided to take to social media to put an end to the lies.

In a fantastic, factual thread, Taylor tore apart a variety of incorrect arguments presented by anti-vaxxers. She explained that vaccinations are incapable of causing autism, and spoke about the fact that the ingredients in vaccines are there to strengthen the power and effectiveness of vaccines. However, she didn’t just speak about the impact of vaccines on the child who receives them!

A Surge Of Support

Taylor also made incredible points about how vaccinations are essential in a community setting! They ensure that children with weaker immune systems aren’t exposed to diseases that unvaccinated kids contract which could seriously harm their health. At the end of her awesome rant, she even cited her sources!


Many Twitter users were grateful for Taylor’s willingness to speak the truth about a controversial subject! Everyone from professors to disease biologists to politicians praised her epic, well-researched thread. Hopefully, her words opened the eyes of those who haven’t yet vaccinated their kids!

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