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Glamour Model Chloe Ayling’s Photoshoot From Hell

glamour model

Glamour model Chloe Ayling thought she was traveling abroad for her latest photoshoot, one that promised to propel her career to new heights. What she didn’t know was that it would turn into a nightmare straight out of a horror movie. But as the dark details emerge in the aftermath of the event, more and more questions are arising. What really happened? Was she the victim of a large underground mafia on the dark web or was she part of the bizarre conspiracy the whole time? Read on to find out just what happened to this young, attractive British model and how it changed her life forever.

1. Glamour Model on the Rise

Chloe Ayling is a 20-year-old glamour model from England, young and full of determination to be a success in her field. Yet she would have never thought that her life would be ripped apart. Instead of posing for the cameras, she was now meeting with the press, just thankful to be alive.


A few weeks earlier, she was on top of the world. Not only was she beautiful, she seemed to be getting close to achieving her dream job. It was almost within reach that fateful day she accepted a high-profile modeling job in Italy.

2. A Successful Career

Chloe’s career has been on the rise for several years now. At her young age, she had already had an amazingly successful start to her modeling career. Her agent boasted that she was probably the most successful model within the agency.



When she wasn’t working she was taking care of her two-year-old son. The doting mother posted a number of photos with her child on her Instagram account. To many, her life seemed glamorous and near-perfect, but all of that was about the change.

3. International Job Offer

One day she received a call from her agent, who said that an amazing job opportunity had come in for her. A modeling agency in Italy had requested that Chloe fly in for a photoshoot. Chloe was over the moon. Her modeling career was finally breaking into the international arena.

glamour model

CBS News

Before traveling to Italy for the exciting new job offer she first posed in a racy photoshoot in her home country. She uploaded some of the pictures to her Instagram account, which showed her in a number of topless photos. Things seemed to just keep getting better.

4. Arrival in the Fashion Capital

On July 10, 2017, Chloe flew to Italy, just one day before she was due to meet with her Italian employers. She landed in Milan and spent the day relaxing and doing some shopping around the city—just like any other girl would do in the fashion capital.


She uploaded photos to her social media accounts, letting her fans and family know that she had arrived. That night she took a shower, got cleaned up and went to bed early so she would be well rested for the days of work ahead and her first international modeling shoot.

5. The Day of the Shoot

On the morning of July 11th, she was due to meet with the Italian team. She had been in contact with them via her agent, Phil Green. It was decided that Chloe would meet the team for the photoshoot at an apartment the Italian agency had rented in Milan.

glamour model

With butterflies in her stomach, she made her way across the city. The email she had received stated that the door would be open and to just let herself in. She was about to find something horrifying lurking behind the door…

6. Anybody Home?

When she arrived at the apartment she found the door unlocked, and as agreed upon, she just let herself in. She had expected to find a crew inside setting up for the photoshoot, but what she found was an empty room.

While it seemed a bit out of the ordinary and a tad creepy, it didn’t raise any red flags. She was certain she was at the right address and had arrived at the correct time. Then she noticed out of the corner of her eye a door with a sign marked “Studio.”

7. The Surprise

Chloe, certain that the team was just behind the marked door, let out a brief sigh of relief and headed towards it. As she slowly opened the door an arm quickly grabbed her from behind. Chloe was placed in a chokehold, completely in a state of shock. She had no idea what was going on.

Daily Express

The strange man placed his gloved hand over her mouth as she tried to scream, to cry for help. He covered her mouth and nose while Chloe struggled to catch a single breath. No one could hear her desperate cries for help.

8. Photoshoot From Hell

A second man in a black ski mask stood in front of Chloe holding a syringe in his right hand. In an almost ceremonious way, he slowly drew closer to the struggling model. The masked man pulled Chloe’s jacket off her body and grasped her arm.


The man inserted the syringe and strange substance into Chloe’s arm. She rapidly became groggy, unable to keep even her eyes open, she drifted into a deep sleep. Her last agonizing moments of consciousness raced with thoughts of what her future would hold.

9. Getaway Car

When Chloe slowly regained consciousness she found herself in a suitcase in the trunk of a moving car, her hands and feet handcuffed, and tape over her mouth. She desperately attempted to cry out for help. Her cries were masked by music blaring in the vehicle, drowning out the slight whimpers she was able to make.


Chloe, bound and gagged, laid in the trunk of the car not knowing whether she would live or die. The men stopped the car multiple times to tighten Chloe’s handcuffed and make sure she was properly restrained. The ride felt like it took an eternity.

10. The House

After what seemed like an eternity the car finally came to a stop. Chloe, still bound and gagged, was led up to a house and put in a dark and cold room where she was chained to a chest of drawers.


At this point, Chloe still had no idea what was going on. She didn’t know whether she would be killed, raped, or worse. Her mind raced through the possibilities. Would she ever see her son again? Still dazed from the drugs she had been injected with, she sat on the floor of the strange room and waited.

11. Sex Slave Auction

Within the first few hours of her being held in captivity, Chloe learned what her future would hold. She was informed by one of the men that she would be sold in an online auction to the highest bidder. Most likely to someone in the Middle East, they told her, to a rich Arab, to be used as a sex slave.


All she could think about was her precious son. When her captors learned that Chloe was a mother, they said that they had made a mistake in kidnapping her. “We don’t kidnap mothers” she was told. But it was too late to backtrack on the auction.

12. Fed to Tigers

The kidnappers explained to Chloe that she would most likely be sold on the dark web to a rich Arab and be used as a sex slave until they got bored of her and passed her along to someone else. Even worse, they said she would eventually be fed to their pet tigers for entertainment.



The men outlined Chloe’s fate in gruesome detail. One of the men told her that at least three girls are sold to Arab countries a week and that he had made over $15 million in the past five years. How was all this evil even possible?

13. Entering the Dark Web

The kidnappers explained to their captive model that they work for a criminal organization called “Black Death.” Not much is known about the group but they allegedly operated on the dark web, providing various illegal services for money.



The dark web provides a virtual haven for all things illegal. Many of the sites are scams but on others, it is possible to purchase illicit drugs, launder money, purchase counterfeit documents, hire hitmen, find child pornography and apparently also purchase slaves. Legends exist that live murders can be viewed on the dark web as well.

14. Begging for Freedom

Feeling a brief opportunity of hope, the model asked if she could just be released and forget the whole thing ever happened. Fate, however, would not be so kind. One of the strange men told her that she had already been advertised online and that there was a lot of interest in her.


The auction, he said, would go on as planned. The starting bid for Chloe was set at $300,000 and was set to take place in five days. Fortunately, one person still had a bit of humanity and began to ask more about her family. Did he have a sinister plan behind it all?

15. Ransom Money

One of the men appeared to be more sympathetic to Chloe’s request to let her go. He was adamant that they stick to their rule of not selling mothers for enslavement. She was asked about her family and how much money they would pay to secure Chloe’s release from captivity. Crushed, she told them that it was just her and her mother at home and that they did not have much money.


Instead, Chloe gave the captors the names of three people she knew or had interacted with who might be financially able to assist in her release. Would this be the key to her freedom or just bring about something far worse?

16. Possible Saviors

Chloe provided the men who kidnapped her with three names: David Read, Paul Baxendale-Walker and Rory McCarthy. The men were contacted and asked to pay $65,000 to secure Chloe’s safe return. At least one, if not all, of the men approached UK police when they were contacted by the kidnappers.


Chloe’s location was still unknown and there were only a few days left before the auction. Days had passed since Chloe’s abduction and no one had heard from her. Her mother began to worry and contacted her modeling agency in the UK.

17. Where’s Chloe?

Chloe’s mother contacted her modeling agent asking for an update since she had not heard from her daughter. The agent, Phil Green, had also not heard from her. He attempted to call the contacts in Italy for a status update with no success.


No one seemed to know anything about the supposed photoshoot Chloe had been sent to and no one knew her whereabouts. Alarms began to sound and both British and Italian authorities were contacted. The search was now on to find Chloe before something terrible happened.

18. The Email

The kidnappers sent a ransom email stating that Chloe would have no issue paying the money for her release back as she would “become famous” after the kidnapping ordeal. It also said that her earning potential would increase exponentially once she returned the UK and start modeling again.


The email failed. Ransom money never came in and Chloe was therefore not released. Doomed to a fate of sexual slavery, all she could do was sit shackled in the cold room, pictured above. Would she ever see her baby again?

19. Sleeping with the Enemy

With the auction growing closer and closer, Chloe grew more desperate. One of the men told her that he was an assassin for Black Death and showed her the weapons he carries. He casually mentioning that his favorite method of murder was by poisoning. Sensing Chloe’s desperation, he told her that she would be killed instantly if she tried to escape or make a wrong move.


For five days she was forced to sleep in a bed next to the man. He supposedly never touched her sexually but she was nonetheless petrified with fear the entire time. Suddenly, six days after being kidnapped, things changed and something unusual happened.

20. Driving Off

On the sixth day, Chloe was taken outside for the first time. Fearing that this was the day that she would either be sent off to slavery or killed, she took a deep breath. One of the kidnappers explained to her calmly that she would be released on a few conditions: that she pay them $50,000 within a month, not criticize Black Death in the media, or speak to the authorities.



She got in the car with the kidnapper and he started to drive. She was told to say he was a friend who Chloe had contacted for help after she escaped her captors. They hoped that this would prevent their incrimination and let them go on with their online slave auctions.

21. The Story Comes Out

Eventually, Chloe and the man arrived at the British Consulate in Milan. The couple got out together and entered the building. Once inside, Chloe quickly approached an employee and explained that she had been abducted. This was the moment everyone, especially Chloe, had been dreaming of ever since she was kidnapped.


The employee promptly took her to a private room where she relayed her story and everything that had happened to her. The employee reportedly told Chloe that they already knew who she was and that authorities had been trying to track her down.

22. Arrested

Chloe had to stay in Italy for at least two weeks after she was released from captivity in order to help with the investigation. She quickly identified one of her captors, the man who delivered Chloe to the British consulate. He reportedly tried to escape but was caught by Italian police.


The man turned out to be a British-Polish citizen named Lukasz Pawel Herba. He was the man she had slept beside in bed every night while she was in the house. Lukasz’s account of the events to the police were very different from Chloe’s.

23. The Captor

According to Lukasz Herba, he wasn’t aware of any kidnapping when he was paid over $60,000 to pose as a photographer by a group of Romanians. Lukasz said that he was instructed to go meet Chloe at the studio but was never told of any plan to kidnap or auction her.


Authorities quickly located and searched the house. It was at least 100 miles outside of Milan near the French border. During her abduction, Chloe was told that they had left Italy. What else would they discover as this horrific case came to light?

24. Sudden Release

Why did they let Chloe go? Italian police found a chilling note on Lukasz’s computer which read: “You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group.” The note stated that Chloe’s release was negotiated by the “very well respected men” of the group.


“A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances be lured into kidnapping,” the note read before taking a frightening turn. “You have also agreed to pay outstanding costs of your release of $50,000 — paid in Bitcoins within one month. Any disobedience will result in your elimination.”

25. Who is Lukasz Pawel Herba?

As soon as Lukasz was arrested for kidnapping and extortion, one woman who claims to be his ex-girlfriend has come forward to the media and stated that he was “a real gentleman.” He had apparently told her that he ran an international firm making synthetic chicken food and owned land in Scotland.


An expert who interviewed Lukasz stated that he is “a person affected by mythomania”, a pathological tendency to exaggerate or tell lies. When his mother in Poland was informed that Lukasz had been arrested, she broke down in tears of disbelief.

26. More Arrests

The main suspect in the case was Lukacz Herba’s brother, Michal Herba, who was arrested on August 16, 2017 at his apartment in Tividale, about 130 miles northwest of London. He was listed as the director of a road freight transport company, though his apartment is registered as the company’s address.


This business revelation has led to further speculation that perhaps Chloe was due to be transported by the brothers to her buyer. Michal is currently being held on a European Arrest Warrant in connection with the kidnapping.

27. Dark Web Crime

An Italian spokesperson told the press that the person behind the crime “is a dangerous person.” The  spokesperson then added that the culprit had “a contracted killer and operator for an organization on the dark web, which offers ‘services’ such as bomb attacks, kidnappings, and the selling of girls.”



The spokesperson added that Chloe was kidnapped in a “professional” way. They clearly were not amateurs and had done this kind of thing before, sadly. It turned out that Chloe was kidnapped on July 11 and then later released on July 17.

28. Unraveling Events

Chloe remained in Italy for at least two weeks after her release from captivity. Media reports showed that neither Chloe nor her alleged captor were cooperative at first during questioning. As police heard both versions of the story and collected evidence from the scene, things started to take an strange turn.


Some of the events just didn’t add up. Some of the events were just too bizarre to be real. Shadows of doubt were cast over Chloe’s version events. Was this a real kidnapping or could it have been a huge publicity stunt?

29. Shopping Spree

Chloe’s story started to slowly get stranger after witnesses came forward saying that they had seen Chloe out with Lukasz during the alleged time of captivity buying shoes together. Police have accused Chloe of lying but her legal counsel has stated that she was under “psychological subjugation.”


Lukasz, the alleged captor, says that Chloe was always free to come and go at any time. He rented the house for almost $400 on an Italian website called Subito. He told police that he “freed Chloe and told her she could leave when she wanted and never hurt her.” He added that they shared the same bed out of choice.

30. Shoe Shopping

CCTV images were also found of Chloe out shoe shopping with Lukasz, which raised further doubts about her version of the events. Chloe has rejected the claims that she wasn’t actually abducted, saying that she was terrified for her life the entire time. She added that Lukasz had told her he was an assassin and showed her the weapons he carried.

The Sun

Chloe firmly stated that she did what her captors told her to do as she didn’t want to put her life in more danger by angering the men. “He said I would be crazy to try to escape now because I would be instantly killed,” she said.

31. Strange Release

Another strange point in the alleged kidnapping case of Chloe Ayling was her sudden and bizarre release. Herba, the alleged captor, drove Chloe to the British consulate out of his own free will and as a result was arrested himself. Why would he just willingly give himself up?


According to his testimony, which has changed multiple times, he was either not informed of the kidnapping plan until it happened or he was an assassin so distraught over her being a mother that he released her. Police found it very odd that criminal organizations would have such a moral code about who they can and can’t sell into slavery. Later testimony by Lukasz claims that he was only doing all of this in order to earn money for his leukemia treatments.

32. Buying the Pictures

One of Britain’s largest newspapers, The Daily Telegraph, revealed that two days into the alleged kidnapping, they were contacted via email about purchasing a testimony and photographs of model Chloe Ayling. The email was titled “British model kidnapped by Russian mafia”


Investigators pointed out that contacting the media is inconsistent with the allegations that the kidnappers were going to auction Chloe off to wealthy Middle Eastern buyers as a sex slave. What at first seemed to be a dramatic survival story turned into a puzzle of question marks.

33. Doubts

Model Chloe Ayling returned to the UK and gave a few short interviews after being debriefed by the UK police. She has since stopped talking to the media. News media outlets have made some speculations that it is possible Chloe was involved in arranging the kidnapping plot.


Her lawyer has appeared on new outlets defending Chloe’s credibility, calling Chloe’s description of events as “incredible but true.” He argued that if there had been any doubts as to her involvement in the kidnapping then she would not have been allowed to leave Italy.

34. Phil Green Fired

During one of Chloe’s interviews, she stated that she “can’t help but blame” her former agent Phil Green. Upon returning to the UK, Chloe fired him. Green has argued that everything “checked out” and “nothing was flagged up to say anything was suspicious” about the shoot.



Chloe said that she relies on managers to check the photoshoots out before moving forward. Phil denies that he is to blame for the incident and said that he took all necessary precautions before sending Chloe to Italy.

35. Fake Studio

Chloe responded harshly to Green’s dismissal of responsibility. She argued that when her mother contacted Phil about her disappearance “the next day he was able to check that the studio doesn’t exist. He said he’d called other agencies within Milan and no one had ever heard of the studio.”


Not only was the photoshoot fake, the studio didn’t even exist. Many questions have been raised as to how Phil checked the authenticity of the photoshoot before sending Chloe there. Was it sheer negligence? Or did he play a larger role in the kidnapping?

36. Surge of Success?

Chloe’s former agent Phil Green stated that he is “hacked off” that Chloe decided to leave the agency. He added that “it is disappointing.” He mentioned the massive amounts of work that are now coming in for Chloe after her ordeal in Italy.



Chloe has received numerous job offers and interview offers but Phil now won’t be a part of the income anymore. He stated that Chloe received over $250,000 of work in the few days since her return, but emphasized that he does not question her version of events.

37. Faking It?

Chloe’s ordeal has brought her international fame but many are not so quick to believe all the hype. As more bizarre stories are released to the press, people are still wondering if she was involved in the plot from the beginning.

Glamour model

All the loose ends in her story, her rise to stardom and the enormous boost to her career have led many to believe she was in on it. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time someone faked a crime for publicity.

38. Cruel Jokes

Just a few weeks after Chloe’s return to the UK, a number of photos sent in a WhatsApp group surfaced, showing women stuffed in suitcases, an obvious jab at Chloe. The women had apparently worked with the Chloe in the past.


Along with the photos, they wrote that they were demanding a $25 ransom. Chloe stated that it was really hurtful to see people make fun of her story and that it is easy for others to judge her but they can’t understand the trauma she went through.

39. Big Brother

Some of Chloe’s friends have also come forward, accusing the model of milking the ordeal for attention in order to get on Celebrity Big Brother. “I told her what happened with me,” Biannca Lake told the Daily Star. She said that she had tried out for Big Brother five times.


“Then I did this documentary where I said I’d slept with over 300 men,” Biannca said. “Big Brother contacted me and put me in…[Chloe] knows this – if you get in the press, you’ll get on Big Brother. That is her dream gig.”


40. Moving On

Lukasz Pawel Herb, the main suspect, and his brother Michal are still being held in Italy and awaiting trial for alleged kidnapping and extortion. Meanwhile, Chloe Ayling is trying to move on with her life and has stated that she would like to write a book or make a documentary about her personal story to raise awareness of human trafficking around the world.


She wants to help others with her story and has also stated that she would turn down Big Brother if she was offered the chance. She said she “would have done it in the past, but not now. It’s not what I want to do.” Is this the last we’ll hear of Chloe Ayling? Or will she be the next Amanda Knox?

Source: The Sun

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