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This Golden Retriever Gave Birth, And The Internet Can’t Get Over The Puppies

Katie and John Black love to foster dogs in need of a home. So, when Rosie came along, pregnant, they didn’t hesitate to take her in. Rosie was a sweet pet, and the Blacks were excited to care for her and help bring her puppies into the world. It was a new challenge for the couple, but they were ready.

A Pregnant Foster Dog

Fostering a pregnant dog isn’t much different than fostering any other dog, except you have to be ready for the litter. The Blacks worked closely with a local vet and the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue to make sure they had everything set for Rosie and her litter. The day came, and Rosie gave birth to four beautiful puppies.


Gives Birth To An Unexpected Litter

John and Katie were expecting Rosie’s litter to look like her, a golden retriever. When the puppies emerged, they were in for a big surprise. The little bundles of joy looked nothing like golden retrievers. In fact, they looked like little baby cows! They didn’t know who the father was, but it definitely wasn’t a golden.


A Litter Who Don’t Look Like Mama

The puppies were adorable, and Rosie was a great mother to them. Playing on the baby cow theme, the Blacks named the puppies with typical cow names: Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy, and Moo. John and Katie got a kick out of the puppies, and the fact that they didn’t match their mother at all. Not one! Rosie didn’t care what her puppies looked like, they were hers, and she loved them.

Instagram: Ourgoldenyears

Growing Up Happy And Loved

The puppies grew fast, as they do, and the Blacks decided to find out what breed they were on their father’s side. They sent a swab to a lab for a DNA analysis to learn more about the breed. Turns out they weren’t half cow after all. Their father was an American Fox Hound.

Instagram: ourgoldenyears

Rosie’s Work Is Done

With the pups all grown, and Rosie’s mothering job complete, it was time to find homes for the fur babies. Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy, Moo, and Rosie all found loving and forever homes. The Blacks were sad to see them go, but happy they were able to help Rosie bring her cute puppies into the world and find them homes. That’s what fostering is all about, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Instagram: ourgoldenyears

So many people asked for more photos of the puppies, so here’s a short video. She was pregnant when surrendered to the shelter. We did not breed her! I wanted to clear up my bad English in first post. We have more pictures at OurGoldenYears on Instagram too. Glad her and the pups made people smile! from r/aww

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