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This Golden Retriever Was Born Without Eyes Is Such An Inspiring Story

Meet Smiley, the Gold Retriever born without eyes. He grew up in a puppy mill and became an inspiring story because even though Smiley’s world is dark, he keeps on smiling.

There is a reason why this dog was named Smiley–he has always had a smile on his face, since the day he was born. He may be blind but he didn’t let that stop him from being a bundle of joy! Now, Smiley spreads his happiness to others, working as a therapy dog for the mentally ill and disabled.

Read on to learn more about Smiley’s inspiring story!

Joanne first met Smiley at the puppy mill where he was born.

When the photographer Stacy Morrison came across Smiley’s uplifting story, she just had to have a photoshoot with the pup! During their session, Morrison remarked that the dog was just like any other dog, except for the fact that Smiley bumps into things a lot and runs into people. Besides those minor things, the Golden Retriever does normal doggy things like listening, sniffing and nuzzling. Unless you saw his face, you wouldn’t notice right away that he is blind!

golden retriever

The woman who owns the courageous dog is a professional dog trainer. Joanne lets Smiley explore areas on his own because it teaches him to use his own instincts. It always lets him be more independent and know how to maneuver by himself so when he does bump into things, he doesn’t get discouraged!

He is definitely one to turn heads, but Joanne loved his joyful spirit and energy!

When he was a puppy, he had a lot of severe eye infections

golden retriever

To stop the infections from coming back, Smiley had to have his eyelids sewn shut, which also will prevent future damage to his overall good health.

With a dog like that, he can make every day feel special

golden retriever

As soon as Joanne walks in, Smiley runs towards her but has really mastered when to stop! He is also clumsy as he bumps into things a lot but it doesn’t damper his spirits!

So many people didn’t want Smiley because of his disability but Joanne didn’t care!

golden retriever

She wasn’t going to just leave this poor pup at the mill because who knows if someone will ever adopt him, so she left with him!

Smiley is now a licensed therapy dog

golden retriever

He helps out and puts a smile on mentally ill and the disabled people’s faces and they all love him back!

He is a very polite dog!

golden retriever
Smiley always introduces himself to everyone he meets and it is just so adorable!

Some of the people that the Golden Retriever meets have hard lives

golden retriever

But when Smiley comes to visit, they smile a smile no one thought they still had!

He is still a regular dog

golden retriever

There are so many times you forget that he is blind because he acts like any other dog, sniffing, nuzzling and running about!

Smiley and Joanne have formed a really special bond

golden retriever

He trusts his owner completely to help guide him as she will use her voice and the sound of her footsteps to let him know if his path is clear.

She teaches him to be independent, though

golden retriever

Smiley explores places on his own, without any help from humans. She also doesn’t let people scream or make any discouraging noises when he bumps into things!

We love you, Smiley! Keep on being you!

Source: Bored Panda

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