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11-Year-Old Golden Retriever Gets New Leash On Life With His Very Own Seeing Eye Dog Buddy

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When Chelsea and Adam Stipe of Mooresville, North Carolina, discovered their 11-year-old golden retriever, Charlie, was losing his sight, they decided to do something special. Shortly after the couple welcomed their firstborn child into the world, they added one more member to the family– Maverick. Surprising everyone, Maverick quickly bonded with Charlie, playing guide dog and energetic companion.

Meet Charlie

Charlie is a beloved member of the Stipe family, but after 11 years, he ended up losing his sight because of glaucoma and had to have his eyes removed. Chelsea and Adam realized that Charlie was having some challenges getting around, and wanted to help make his life more comfortable.

The Stipe family had recently welcomed a baby boy named Asher, their first child into the family. On New Year’s day, Chelsea and Adam brought home a puppy to keep Charlie company. Little did anyone know, how much Maverick would change Charlie’s life for the better.

Puppy Power

After a few short months with the Stipe family, Maverick became close to Charlie. Maverick would run to retrieve toys for Charlie and eagerly helped the senior golden retriever navigate obstacles around the house. It wasn’t uncommon to see Maverick happily pulling Charlie along on his leash when walking outside, too.

Thanks to the strong bond between Maverick and Charlie, Chelsea and Adam saw a lot of positive changes for Charlie. Charlie seemed to act like a younger dog, picking up on Maverick’s youthful vibes. The pair of canines enjoyed playing, eating, and even napping together.

Inseparable Pals

Navigating life while living with blindness can be challenging for an aging dog, on top of living with the strange sounds of a baby in the home. Thanks to Maverick, Charlie gets to be a big brother to a young pup, and stay on his toes.

After Charlie and Maverick’s story went viral on the Twitter account, WeRateDogs, the dynamic duo got an influx of followers on their Instagram account. Within three days the pooches gained over 43,000 followers. Online Instagram, Charlie, and Maverick share candid photos of them napping, fighting over toys, and taking family photos.

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