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Golden Retriever Hilariously Tries to Sleep in a Bed Half its Size

What does it take to make a video go viral? An adorable dog doing something absolutely hilarious is always a good start!

A golden retriever trying to squeeze into a dog bed that’s half of its size is a pretty special thing, and you definitely have to see it to fully grasp how spectacular it is.

The Dastardly Dachshund

If you’re a dog-person, you’ve seen this dance before: the one where your pup is trying his best to make a comfortable bed for himself by any means possible.

Usually, it includes nosing around the blankets or bed, digging at it, and trying as best it can to rearrange it the way it likes. Turns out dogs can be a little fussy about their beds!

In this video, it seems that the golden retriever was already at a disadvantage since his Dachshund friend looks to have stolen his bed!

He Gave It A Valiant Effort

After what seems like ages of trying to fit into the bed, the golden retriever finally gave up and strolled off, likely in search of a more feasible spot to take a good nap.

Then again, maybe he’s going to rat out his friend for stealing his bed. Either way, you have to admire this pup’s effort to take a bad situation and make it better!

People’s Hearts Are Breaking For This Sad Dog

This video is rapidly going viral with thousands of views on YouTube and some entertaining comments to boot.

One commenter said what everyone was thinking, “What did we do to deserve dogs? <3 ” while another was peeved with the owner, saying, “Poor baby…Stop filming and help!!!”

Another commenter called it exactly how it is when she said, “The lab looks so sad and defeated when he fails to fit in the bed, and the dachshund just stops watching and snuggles deeper into ‘his’ bed…”

Check out this precious video for yourself below!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved