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Good Samaritan Rescues Helpless Pup Trapped In Manhole After Hearing Cries

Boney, cold, alone and afraid, a chihuahua lay trapped in the bottom of an uncovered manhole for days. Unwilling to give up hope and clinging to life, the canine cried out for help hoping a passerby would notice. When a man walking in the woods nearby heard the dog barking around 3 pm, he hurried to the closest animal shelter for help.

Scrappy Survivor

No one knew exactly how the canine managed to fall down an uncovered 10-foot manhole, but she miraculously managed to evade breaking any bones. Cold and growling when she was found amid trash and debris, the dog was apprehensive about the KC Pet Project staff who came to her aid.

On a Sunday afternoon, after being alerted about a chihuahua in trouble, an animal shelter manager lowered themselves into the hole via ladder to scoop up the pooch. Terri Fugate, a spokesperson for the shelter, was happy about the animal’s quick rescue. She stated, “…this sweet girl wouldn’t have survived those freezing temperatures if she hadn’t been found.”

Mystery Mutt

The three-year-old chihuahua was given a thorough examination by the animal shelter veterinary staff and was only malnourished after her ordeal. After receiving some treats and a warm shelter bed, the chihuahua began to warm up to her new human caretakers.

Since the chihuahua didn’t have a microchip or collar, shelter staff was unable to locate her owner. Donations were being accepted to help cover the canine’s medical care, and soon the dog would be available for adoption.

Pause For Paws

Too often people won’t even stop to help an animal in trouble. Thankfully, some people are willing to be Good Samaritans and potentially save a life.

For days, a poor defenseless chihuahua was left frightened and half-starved in the depths of an uncovered manhole, determined to hang on despite the odds. This chihuahua’s change of fortune shows that it’s small acts of kindness that are capable of doing the most good.

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