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You May Soon Say Goodbye to Passwords Forever

In this tech-driven world, we depend on passwords more and more every day. They have been a key element of preserving our online privacy. They protect our sensitive information and ensure the safety of everything from our family photos to our money to our very identities. But they’re not perfect. The growing trend of password hacking over the past several years has made us question how safe they really are. To solve this problem, companies are looking into alternative ways to keep our information safe.

Traditional Passwords

Since the beginning, there have been passwords. The rule was to never share your passwords with anyone (and still is.) Then the rules grew to:

  1. don’t share your password
  2. don’t write down your password
  3. don’t use the same password across different sites
  4. change your password for each site every month

That’s a lot of work for users and, even if you follow these rules and recommendations, there’s no guarantee you’re safe from hackers and thieves.

Web Authentication

An alternative to passwords is web authentication (WebAuthn.) WebAuthn is intended to replace passwords entirely, by using devices already in your possession to access your online information. A person might be able to sign into their accounts using anything from a smartphone to biometric features such as fingerprints.

The way WebAuthn works to protect you is that it’s not actually attached to your information. It’s simply a key. Each key is unique and only supplies access for one visit, so your information is said to be protected from hackers.

The Future

When WebAuthn catches on, it may revolutionize the way we access the internet. There won’t be passwords to think up, memorize, change, re-think up, memorize again, and change – only to repeat the cycle.

Web security is a growing problem and passwords are the easiest thing to tackle at the moment. Once we rid ourselves of passwords and use thumbprints (for example), we may finally be able to tackle the bigger security issues.

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