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Google Street View Catches A Cat Chilling In Roman Ruins

A furry friend has been caught on camera wandering around Rome thanks to the work of one of Google Street View’s photographers.

Roman Ruins

The cat can be seen relaxing in the ancient ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina, a tourist attraction in the Italian capital. The place has been reported by eyewitnesses to be a sort of cat sanctuary, where visitors can see dozens of cats at any given moment.

Google Maps

According to Reddit users, some of the cats are very friendly and will approach people. The majority of them are up for adoption.

Caught On Camera

In a reflection next to the cat, a man can be seen taking the photograph. To understand why, it’s important to know how Google gets their data for Street View. Photos are taken by photographers on foot, bicycle, boat, or any other means that helps capture an up-close and accurate photographic description of a place.


Usually, Google gathers photos with a car that has a large camera apparatus attached to its roof. You may have seen one before, similar to the car pictured here.

Here, Kitty Kitty

Google regularly updates their photos to keep the map as current and as realistic as possible. The images of the cat were uploaded to Google Maps in April 2017. Since then, Google has updated the cat photo to the photo shown here.

Google Maps

However, if you’re interested in checking out the kitty picture, all you need to do is adjust the Street View settings. There is a click-and-drag switch in the upper, left-hand corner of Street View, where users can go back in time to look at every photo submitted to Google for a particular location. Simply slide it back to find our feline friend.

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