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Google Technology May Bring An End To Snow Days For U.S. Students

Can you remember waking up one morning to learn there was no school that day? Whatever the reason, you got a free day to catch up on sleep and hang with friends. Unfortunately for you, Google might be bringing them to an end.

Emergence Of E-Learning

Most people have heard Google’s name in one way or another. It’s the dominant search engine designed to place the world’s information at your fingertips. Along with a bevy of other services, Google is now tapping into the education market, where it hopes to revolutionize the way students learn.

Take South Carolina’s district five for example. Students can access and complete their schoolwork all through a Google Chromebook. These compact laptops and their services are free to all students in some districts. Originally started as an effort by the company’s CEO to provide a more available education tool, the initiative has changed the way students interact with school material.

A New Way Of Learning

These online educational services are not just beneficial for students who cannot physically attend school. Google’s Chromebooks are being utilized by teachers and students alike from within the walls of their school.

Anna Baldwin, South Carolina school district five’s e-learning director was pleased following the official launch of the programs in her schools, stating, “We feel good about where we are and where we’re going with the program moving forward.”

Support On Every Level

Baldwin spoke of easy integration with positive feedback from across the board “Teachers and students have said how it helps them stay focused and get work done. Some students feel more organized because they know where to find everything.”

Parents were also pleased with the services now available to their children. This positive feedback is a big step for the tech company in providing a new way to learn. An approach that will not only help students retain more knowledge through interactive learning, but also provide an accessible platform for teachers and parents to track their child’s work.

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