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Google’s Artificial Intelligence System Just Passed A Huge Milestone With Flying Colors

Elon Musk may have good reason to fear an Artificial Intelligence apocalypse.

Okay, maybe Google Assitant isn’t quite as scary as robots taking over the world, but just last week the company displayed a scary yet amazing breakthrough. Google Assistant’s robo-vocalization completely dismantled the Turing test, as its voice over the phone was indistinguishable from a real human being’s.

The Turing Test

So what exactly is the Turing Test?

Invented by Alan Turing in 1950, the Turing Test evaluates a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior that is indistinguishable from a human’s behavior. And as it turns out, the Google’s AI-driven Assistant can now fool several humans into thinking its a person.

Google Duplex

This amazing experiment is a product of Google’s Duplex AI system. The system is specifically designed to perform a narrowly-defined task and accomplish it better than a human. This particular experiment involved talking to people over the phone.

During an on-stage demonstration at a conference, Google placed calls to several businesses like hair salons and restaurants. The crazy part? No one on the other line could tell they weren’t speaking with a human. Google Assistant was so human-like, it even threw in random verbal fillers “ums,” and “ahhs” while speaking with humans. And according to Google, they’ve generated hundreds of similar interactions during the technology’s development.

Unbelievably Human

So, what does the future of Google Duplex hold? The first step is automated customer-service centers. For example, instead of shouting “yes,” “no,” or “operator” into your phone while calling your cable provider hoping the automated service can understand you, people will be directed to a digital assistant to help them. “For such tasks, the system makes the conversational experience as natural as possible, allowing people to speak normally, like they would to another person, without having to adapt to a machine,” Google stated.

Check out the video below to see JUST how human Google Assistance actually sounds.

Yep, could have fooled me!

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