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This GoPro Footage Of A Roller Coaster Will Take You To Another World

The things we can do with technology today are amazing. While many of these advances are used to help people, some of them are just fun. Take for example the GoPro. It is a great camera that can capture images you previously could only see in person. From the depths of the ocean to the highest mountain tops, the videos taken on this device are breathtaking. What would happen if you took one on a roller coaster, though? Let’s find out!

Behind The Screen

Jeb Corliss is a YouTuber that documents his many adventures, including skydiving. (That explains why he is so calm throughout the ride.) He also enjoys swimming with dangerous creatures, such as sharks and crocodiles.

Another common occurrence on his channel are videos filmed with the GoPro Fusion. This is the same camera he used to capture the roller coaster footage. The device boasts great image stabilization, a feature Jeb used to make the video so trippy.

The Adventure Begins

This particular video was filmed at Six Flags in California. Jebb decided to take his GoPro on the Magic Mountain ride, Goliath. This monster of a ride reaches 85 mph.

In the video, you see Jeb calmly riding the coaster with his arm extended. Many people have taken a camera on a roller coaster before, though. Why is this footage so special?

The Magic, Revealed

Well, what makes this footage so special is that Jeb stabilized it in post-production. This gives the video a smooth flow, which is unique for roller coaster rides.

After stabilization, he also had to cut some of the footage together. That helped create some of the strange effects you see in the video, such as the front of the coaster rapping around Jeb. It really does look like something from a different world.

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