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This Guy’s Insanely Gorgeous Art Murals Will Fill Any Book-Lover’s Heart With Glee

If you’re a bookworm, James Trevino’s thousand-book personal library will make you faint! Trevino has been collecting, showcasing, and blogging about his favorite novels for a while. But recently, he adopted a new way to show off his impressive collection—his artistic creations are taking the internet by storm!

Trevino’s Massive Novel Collection

Do you think you’d have room to store a collection of over 1,100 books in your home? While this may seem impractical, James Trevino has certainly pulled it off with style. His massive personal library is something for the history books, and his collection is only expanding! And yet, Trevino isn’t just passionate about reading his novels. What he does to showcase his books has made him a viral sensation!


His Love For Sharing Literature

Trevino is clearly a book lover. However, his love for novels has evolved into something even more magnificent than simply poring over them! Trevino has his own book Instagram blog and kicked off his account by posting pictures with whatever novels he was reading at the time. Still, the artistically-inclined reader soon found himself engaging with the works he loved in a new and beautiful way!


His Unique Book-Based Artwork

Trevino’s photos of his novels began to transform from merely featuring the books to creating entire works of art with them! He combines the colorful spines of his massive collection, various props, and himself to create stunning, literary landscapes. However, Trevino can’t take all the credit for these gorgeous artistic feats!


How He Creates His Masterpieces

To accomplish such large and remarkable scenes, Trevino leans on his close friend Elizabeth for help. The duo brainstorms ideas, works to execute them, and tries “to bring it as close as possible to [their] vision.” Even after the stunning photos are captured, Trevino and Elizabeth make sure they are edited to perfection. And while their book-based artwork is unique, the scenes they create aren’t random!


Trevino’s Inspirations: Books And Films

Trevino pulls inspiration from some of his favorite books and movie series, from Harry Potter to Pirates of the Carribean to various Marvel comics! The fact that his art is inspired by the novels his pieces are made of makes them even more authentically awesome. Thankfully, Trevino doesn’t plan on halting progress on his beautiful bookscapes any time soon – and he hopes to keep expanding his insanely large library!


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