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Single Granddaughter Takes Wedding Photos With Grandfather For Heartbreaking Reason

It might not be unusual to see a woman posing for a wedding photo with her grandfather. Photos like these are taken every day. But here’s the catch: This woman is single and has no plans of getting married anytime soon. Read on to discover why she is choosing to make lifelong memories with her grandfather.

Fulfilling A Lifelong Dream

25-year-old Fu Xuewei loves her grandfather, Fu Qiquan. He practically raised her, and she always dreamed he would attend her wedding. In September 2017, doctors confirmed her grandfather’s heart condition is worsening and his body is starting to deteriorate. But, the thought of not creating wedding memories with him was unacceptable. That’s when Xuewei thought of a special idea.


Planning A Special Wedding Day

Xuewei wasn’t going to allow the fact that she’s single stop her from creating wedding memories with her grandfather. She bought a wedding dress, rented a chapel, and took wedding photos with her grandfather—just like she was getting married. She wanted him to see her in a wedding dress and “all grown up.”


Walking Her Down The Aisle

Xuewei has been close to her grandfather since her parents’ divorce. For as long as she could remember she wanted him at her wedding. But, because she’s not getting married anytime soon and his health is failing, creating a special photo shoot was the next best option. Just like she always wanted, her grandfather walked her down the aisle with a smile on his face.


A Way For Him To Always Be There

After completing the photo shoot, Xuewei had a portrait of her grandfather tattooed on her arm. He will still be there on her eventual wedding day, even if it is a different way than she always hoped. For him, it made him happy to see what his granddaughter will look like on her wedding day.


Always A Part Of Her Life, And Her Future Family

For the time being, her grandfather is alive, but Xuewei knows he may not live to experience her wedding day. These special photos will always be a part of her life, and she wants to make sure her future children will be able to look at the photos one day and recognize his face.


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