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Wholesome Video Of Grandfather Hugging Marine Granddaughter During Graduation Ceremony Take The Internet By Storm

There are important milestones for anyone going into the US Military. Receiving the acceptance letter, your completion of basic training, your first deployment. But none of them are more critical than one Military tradition in the US Marine Corps called The First Salute. For one Marine Crops officer graduate, her First Salute went viral.

The Silver Dollar Salute

The First Salute, also referred to as some as The Silver Dollar Salute happens when a newly commissioned officer of the Marine Corps salutes an enlisted service member for the first time. For Charlotte Williams, a newly appointed second lieutenant, her choice held special meaning to her.


For most people, the First Salute is someone who carries vital importance to the officer. A mentor, family member, or instructor who impacted that officers journey in a meaningful manner is chosen by the new officer to behold the honor of receiving their First Salute

An Emotional Salute

Once the ceremony had completed outside the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, Williams was greeted by her grandfather, a former Staff Sargent in the Marine Corps, who had been waiting for her.

The BL

In a video posted to Youtube, Williams can be seen saluting her grandfather before asking permission for a hug. With permission granted, the two embraced one another in a loving hold. Williams grandfather then kissed her on the cheek, followed by broad smiles.

Outpouring Support

Surrounded by her Family and the people who made her journey possible, the story is about as emotional and touching as one can get. Standing before her accomplishments with the pride of her countries flag before her, Williams has just taken her first step on a fantastic journey of life.

Marine Corps Times

While each candidate selects their own person to have their first salute, the story of Charlotte and her Grandfather seems to have caught the Internet by storm. The video has received over three million views on Youtube. The touching story has inspired others to share their First Salute stories as well. Continuing to keep a special tradition in the Corps alive.

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