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This Grandma With Alzheimer’s Received The Best Gift Ever

An estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive disorder that attacks one’s memory and other mental functions. It’s a scary disorder — for both the patients and the family members, who watch their loved one’s memory quickly slip away. So, when Molly McManimie noticed her grandmother showing signs of developing Alzheimer’s, she knew just what to do to help her cope with the disease.

Runs In The Family

For Molly McManimie’s grandmother, Betty, Alzheimer’s disease runs in her family. Her two older brothers died after long battles with the disorder. Because of this, Molly’s parents were always concerned Grandma Betty would eventually succumb to the disease as well. So, when Betty began showing signs of the disease (memory loss, confusion, behavioral changes, etc.), the family knew their worst fear had come true.

Molly McManimie via Love What Matters

Daily Tasks Now Impossible

Grandma Betty was once a lively, spirited grandmother who was always on the go for her family. She loved spending time with her children and grandchildren, and she especially loved to cook. Unfortunately, her memory loss made her forget key ingredients to her recipes. Eventually, she could recognize her family member’s faces, but she couldn’t recall their names. Molly’s family decided to help her cope with the disease in the most special way.

Molly McManimie via Love What Matters

Dog’s Best Friend

Grandma Betty never owned a dog, but she always wanted one. It must have been a prominent desire because, throughout her memory loss, Betty remembered one thing: that she wanted a dog. She also remembered that her husband always said no, and she would mention this every day. Knowing that her grandma remembered this, Molly decided to bring a dog into Betty’s life — hopefully improving her grandma’s condition.

422737 via Pixabay

The Best Surprise Ever!

Molly’s family are dog lovers, and therefore they understand why Grandma Betty would wish to own a dog. Dogs provide therapeutic relief for many Alzheimer’s patients, so the family decided to rescue a dog, Fenton. With their grandfather’s approval, the family presented the dog to their grandmother and it was a magical surprise.

Love What Matters

Easing The Symptoms

The surprise gift eased Grandma Betty’s symptoms, at least for that special moment. All her stress and symptoms disappeared as she held her little dog, and everyone knew Betty was happy. Now Betty spends her days with her favorite dog by her side. And while she still has the symptoms, having her companion makes the disease a little less scary for everyone involved.

Molly McManimie via Love What Matters

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