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This Grandma’s Cheap Window Hack Will Help Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

When it comes to staying warm, grandmas know a thing or two about saving on heating bills and keeping a place cozy. Grandmothers who live through frigid winters in Alaska, especially know how to prevent heat from escaping drafty windows on a budget. You’ll want to take reconsider the benefits of bubble wrap after reading this article.

Not Just For Popping

Kids and adults love to pop a piece of bubble wrap, but did you know you could use it to insulate your windows? One grandmother shows the Internet how it’s done, craftily sticking up bubble wrap on her home’s windows, using a spray bottle and a little bit of elbow grease.

winter home hack

AlaskaGranny / YouTube

Using the spray bottle, she lightly spritzes some water on the window and the flat side of the bubble wrap. She then carefully presses the flat side of the bubble wrap against the window so that the entire surface is covered. Bubble wrap is an inexpensive and reusable material that adds privacy to windows and does a fantastic job at insulation. Plus, when winter is over, the bubble wrap easily peels off to be used again next year.

Turn Up The Heat

When winter hits and the temperatures drop, it can be frustrating living with windows letting heat escape. Typically, people consult the AlaskanGranny on YouTube for advice on outdoor living, but she knows about surviving chilly weather and preventing warm air from escaping.

winter home hack

AlaskaGranny / YouTube

In addition to placing bubble wrap on windows, it is smart to run a humidifier, and use fans to circulate and push warm air back down to stay warmer.

Winterize Your Home

Now that you realize the awesome power of bubble wrap to add to the insulation and warmth of your windows, don’t forget to consider other useful notions. Check to make sure the insulation in your home is adequate before winter arrives, seal off any cracks around windows, and ensure your furnace is in working order.

winter home hack

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling

Consider the arrangement of your furniture so that nothing is blocking vents or heaters, and enjoy seeing reduced heating bills while keeping toasty.

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