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This Crocheting Octogenarian Grandmother Has Made Over 2,000 Adorable Homemade Hats For Newborns

An elderly woman is staying busy even in her retirement. Using her crochet skills, this grandmother is helping newborns stay warm with her beautiful, homemade hats. With plenty of time on her hands, the woman has created thousands of hats with grateful hospital workers praising her work.

A Newfound Hobby

Three years ago, 80-year-old Doris Bender was struggling to find something new to do with herself after retirement. She desperately needed to keep her mind busy. “My husband watches the ball games [in the evening] and I needed something to do,” Doris said in an interview. “I couldn’t just sit there and watch the ball game when I wasn’t interested in it.”

Terrie Grim / Good Morning America

Doris’ daughter, Terrie Grim, suggested that Doris learn to crochet and make hats for infants. “[My daughter] called a nurse and that’s how we got started,” Doris shared. The mother and grandmother took Terrie’s advice and soon had a little nonprofit on their hands!

A Greater Cause

After learning the craft, Doris now crochets for about three hours each night and any time she “needs a break” during the day. Since she began her work, Doris has crocheted over 2,000 hats for newborns. She delivers about 60-80 hats at a time to the Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown, Maryland, where nurses happily receive them.

Facebook / Annette Lawless

What’s even cooler is that Doris doesn’t make the same basic patterns with the same old colors. She makes hats that go along with the seasons or certain holidays including Christmas, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day. For years though, Doris was unable to see any of the infants wear her creations, but that would soon change.

A Warm Hello

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Doris was able to meet twins Macie and Alina at the hospital. She held the precious girls as they slept while wearing their white and pink hats. It was a special moment for Doris who saw that her work was really making a difference.

ABC News / Meritus Health Center

Workers at the hospital agreed with that sentiment. “They love them,” clinical manager Lori Sprecher said of the babies and Doris’ hats. “We love having the hats. They help to regulate the temperature of the baby. The hats really help with that.”

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