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Grandmother’s Attempt To Snap A Perfect Picture On An Iceberg Ended With A Sea Rescue

Hey, it’s always fun to try to snap the perfect photo on vacation. However, some people go to risky lengths to get a gorgeous shot. This grandma almost got lost in the Icelandic seas in the process of taking a picture!

An Icy Image

Ah, Iceland. From the stunning landscape to the gorgeous glacial views, it’s a beautiful location to visit. It’s impossible to resist snapping a few photos in such a beautiful place. Yet, on the icy landscape, pictures can sometimes become hazardous as this poor grandmother learned.

Let’s Travel/Catherine Streng

When 24-year-old Catherine Streng began to receive a series of texts from her dad, she didn’t expect for him to share a perilous travel mishap. The young woman was a part of a family who loved to travel. Her dad decided to take Catherine’s grandmother on a trip to Iceland to bond and experience the beautiful scenery. However, they got a little more than they bargained for while trying to snap a photo.

Drifting Out To Sea

Catherine’s father and grandmother visited a gorgeous glacial lagoon, Jökulsárlón Lagoon. When Catherine’s grandmother saw a glacier shaped like a chair, she hopped onto it with pleasure. Who could resist sinking down into such a perfectly shaped piece of nature? She ignored the warning signs posted for tourists to keep off the glaciers. Yet, she didn’t think her picture-perfect moment would lead to a dangerous (yet hilarious) scenario.


While Catherine’s grandmother posed for her photo, a massive wave smashed into the side of her glacier. Before she could hop off, she was pushed out to sea. Most people would panic. However, Catherine’s father and grandmother were good sports about the whole incident and her dad didn’t hold back on snapping some hysterical photos.

Rescue From The Waves

In her father’s pictures, her grandmother seemed to be calm, collected, and relaxed. She didn’t seem to have much of a problem with her unexpected icy adventure! Still, Catherine’s dad couldn’t let his mom drift off into the ocean too far. Luckily, a nearby tourist who was a witness to their predicament knew exactly what to do.

Google News/@Xiushook

Randy Lacount, a professional boat captain, knew how to perform a safe water rescue. He waded through the frigid water to Catherine’s grandmother and supported her back to shore. Despite the frightening incident, Catherine’s dad and grandmother got a kick out of her adventurous mishap. Thankfully, Catherine shared the goofy pictures with the world. Across the Internet, her grandmother was celebrated for her spirit of relaxation and exploration!

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