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The Internet Is Going Wild For This Grandmother’s Unbelievable Pool Cleaning Hack

Somehow, grandmothers always have the answers. From cooking to relationship advice, their wisdom cannot be beaten. With the magic of social media, grandmothers can now share their knowledge with the whole world. That is exactly what this Ohio grandma did, and she went viral. Now all of America knows a handy trick to keep their pool free of algae.

Grandmother Of The Year

Lisa Pack lives in Ohio, surrounded by family and friends. Her favorite part of summer is having her grandchildren over to swim. Family is very important to her, so their time in her pool is cherished.

Unfortunately, she began to notice that her pool was never completely clean. Even after extensive scrubbing, a green tinge remained in the water. That is when her daughter suggested a cleaning tip that would make her go viral.

The Magic Eraser

Magic erasers have really earned their name. They can be used for a variety of tough cleaning jobs that nothing else seems to work for. Apparently, they can also be used for pool cleaning.

Lisa simply placed the eraser in her pool skimmer bucket for 24 hours. As you can see in the video, it came out completely green. Her pool, on the other hand, was full of crystal clear water.

If It Doesn’t Work

Although Lisa’s hack went viral on Facebook, it may not work for you. That is where these other helpful pool cleaning hacks come in handy. You can try placing a few tennis balls on the surface of your water to absorb excess oils left behind by swimmers.

Aside from build-up of oil and algae, bugs are another big problem for swimming pool owners. That’s why you should try placing dryer sheets in inconspicuous areas around your pool. They will help keep those pesky insects away from your beautiful, clear water.

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