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Adorable Grandpa Films Himself Instead of a Proposal

We’ve all helped our parents or grandparents with technology at some point. From learning how to use a smartphone to typing a document, they are always amazed by our modern inventions. We love them, so we are patient even when it takes them forever to learn. We also laugh lovingly whenever they make a silly mistake. That is exactly what this couple did when an adorable grandpa forgot to press a very important button.

The Infamous Cameraman

John Hart is the subject of this cute story. He was on a trip with his family when the incident happened. They never thought their time in Albuquerque, New Mexico would go viral.

Along the way, they met a young couple. At one point, Hart suggested that a certain location would be a great proposal spot. He didn’t know that the young man had planned to propose there all along.

A Perfect Moment

The Sandia Peak Tramway was where it all went down. The young man asked Hart to film what would become the couple’s proposal video. They were in for a big surprise when they played it back.

Although Hart used to be a Navy photographer, he wasn’t prepared for this task. It turns out that he forgot to turn the camera around. Instead of capturing the proposal, he filmed his reaction. It is the purest thing you will ever see.

A Unique Perspective

Surprisingly, the young couple isn’t complaining. They find it endearing that the man was so moved by their special moment. While they won’t be able to share what the proposal looked like, they can remember how it felt for years to come.

In the end, Hart made their special moment unique in two ways. First, he gave them a great story to tell their kids one day. Second, he helped their proposal go viral (even if they aren’t actually in the video.)

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