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Grandpa-to-Be Gets A Surprise Violation Ticket for “Driving Like a Grandpa”

49-year-old Gary Girodat from Fargo, North Dakota was pulled over by a traffic police as he was driving with his son and his daughter-in-law. His violation? He is “driving like a grandpa.”

Funny as it may have been for the soon-to-be grandad, but “He had absolutely no clue,” Damien Girodat said, the father-to-be. Inside Edition covered the story showing the video of the clueless grandfather chuckling at his traffic violation after reading what the citation was about.

Damien is a Bismarck police officer who planned the surprise reveal and together with his wife Rachel, 26, wanted to do it in a unique way. When Damien had the plan cleared with the Fargo traffic department, all set were on the go.

The plan was for a local traffic police to wait in a parking lot and pull the family car over when he sees it. The citation officer showed a copy of the violation ticket to the perplexed grandfather with a violation stating, “driving like a grandpa.” He was laughing hilariously at his violation as he realized it was a joke.

On Inside Edition’s interview Damien said: “He thought I had him pulled over for no reason. He thought it was just a prank since I’m a police officer and he rarely gets pulled over.”

But the surprise was about to get better when he sees what was behind the traffic ticket, a sonogram of his expecting daughter in-law.

Gary was so surprised that he can’t keep his happiness and began to cry.

The expecting dad said: “Growing up, I hardly ever saw him cry and tear up. He said he now has to look for a crib when we visit.”

Rachel is on her second trimester of pregnancy and expects to deliver her first born in Spring.

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