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Grandson Takes Grandfather And Uncle To Get Hearing Aids and Hilarity Ensues

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Ryan Kober, who goes by the name @GrizzlyKobear on Twitter, provided the world with a hilarious inside look in the day of the life of an awesome grandson. Ryan is an adult, and he’s very fortunate to have a grandfather and great uncle who are both alive and well. As both of the men started to age, they developed the same health problem – hearing loss. Siblings who are close in age often hit milestones in life together, and Ryan’s grandfather and great uncle both needed hearing aids at the same time. Ryan live-tweeted the experience of taking the two of them on an appointment for hearing aids from the moment the two adorable older gentlemen got in his car to the end of their appointments.

Who Needs Hearing Aids?

The festivities of the morning kicked off as soon as Ryan’s older relatives got into his car. Ryan’s uncle was very much against going to get hearing aids at all. As soon as he sat down in the car, he proudly announced to Ryan that he did not need hearing aids because he could hear everything that Ryan was saying. Ryan told his uncle that he actually had not said anything yet. Proving how much he needed hearing aids, Ryan’s grandfather responded to the interchange between his brother and his grandson by saying, “I’m fine, thank you.”

When the trio finally made it to the doctor’s office, the grandfather and great uncle sat side by side to fill out all of their initial paperwork. Whether they realized it or not, they were both in sore need of hearing aids. The two men asked each other a few questions about the paperwork, and they were the loudest people in the waiting room. Although it was both funny and uncomfortable for Ryan, surely everyone in the office was understanding. They were visiting a hearing doctor after all!

Can You Hear Me Now?

During the day, Ryan realized that both his grandfather and great uncle had a habit of humming to pass time. Maybe they did it because they couldn’t hear what was going on around them. Maybe it was a family tradition. Either way, their humming was very, very loud before they had their hearing aids in. Strangely enough, they both hummed many of the same songs at the same time although they claimed not to hear the other’s humming.

Regardless of any initial reservations, both Ryan’s grandfather and his great uncle were very happy with the results of their new hearing aids. Ryan’s uncle started to whisper because he said he could finally hear himself talk again. Instead of humming, Ryan’s grandfather began to sing out loud. Ryan’s uncle was proud that he could hear himself pee. We have to remember to celebrate the simple things in life!

Grandpa Become Internet Famous

The world just can’t seem to get enough of the Kobers! Ryan’s initial tweets and the pictures of his adorable relatives went viral on Twitter initially, and the fame train has not stopped yet. Access Online invited Ryan to talk about his funny experiences with grandfather and great uncle on a segment of their show.

Ryan has since explained that his uncle and grandpa are over the moon about all of the attention they are getting. He says that they do not fully understand what the Internet is, but they love the fact that they are entertaining the masses. Ryan has since tweeted pictures of the two gentlemen waving at all of the people who are loving their story. With such wonderful attitudes and new hearing aids, many happy moments are surely in store for the Kober family.

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