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The 5 Greatest Memes That Came Out Of 2018

While plenty of 2018 seemed to be a massive garbage fire, there was one wonderful thing that came out of it: lots of hilarious memes. These hysterical jokes offered an interruption from the terribleness of the present, and now, it’s time to look back and appreciate them for all their hilarity. These are the five greatest memes that came out of 2018!

21st Century Teasing: “Not A Cell Phone In Sight”

Most people in the 21st century are glued to their cellphones. Ever wish we could throw it back to the good old, mindful days of dinosaurs, cavemen, western shootouts, and other chaotic, technology-less moments in history? That’s exactly what this hilarious chain of “not a cell phone in sight” memes proposed, taking “living in the moment” to the extreme. Everything from old images/artwork of prehistoric people and creatures to funny movie scenes fell victim to this hysterical, awareness-spreading string of memes.


Mocking A Dream: “Ladies, Imagine This”

Whoever originally tweeted “Ladies, imagine this”, asking them to envision an absolute fantasy of a perfect husband and a sports-savvy kid, certainly lived to regret it. Many hopped on the chance to mock her dream, opening tweets with “Ladies, imagine this,” before spiraling into all sorts of impractical, fictional, and hilarious scenarios. From making fun of a number of films to teasing impractical possibilities for the future, many of these belly-laugh-worthy jokes prove that too much hope…can easily become a meme.


Our Consciousnesses Suck: “Don’t Say It”

This meme is almost painfully real, highlighting those awful moments when you know you should keep your mouth shut… but don’t. Know you shouldn’t ask your grocery cashier if the store has been busy? Or correct someone’s grammar? Or ask a perfectly good stranger their Hogwarts house? Join the club. This strain of infectiously relatable memes mocks conversations we all have with our brains on the daily… during which our brains usually lose. But hey, at least we’re all in this together, right?


The Terrifying Reign of “Johnny, Johnny”

It’s pretty obvious that little Johnny has a sugar addiction, but these somewhat weird cartoons seem to be obscure beyond explanation. The “Johnny, Johnny” memes popped up when this children’s shows videos went viral, featuring a kid who can’t seem to consume enough sweets. What’s so weird about it? Well, he’s obsessed with his sugar consumption and is constantly lying about it to everyone from his dad to his dog. Also, he fibs through some pretty creepy songs. Children’s shows are kind of terrifying, huh?

Insider/Billion Surprise Toys/YouTube

The Sass Is Real: Cardi B. As A Kid

We all have at least one of those baby pictures: hand on the hip, pout on the lip, and a screwed up expression, ready to cry, scream, or throw something. For Cardi B., this photo comes in the form of a super sassy, unapologetic picture of her 5-year-old self. It quickly went viral for its saucy qualities. I mean, do you see that side eye? That annoyed smirk? It would be tragic if this didn’t become a meme.


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