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Entrepreneur Shares How She Built Five Multi-Million-Dollar Businesses By 28

Entrepreneur Gretta Rose van Riel is a legitimate startup champion, having created five thriving businesses of her own. And she’s only 28 years old! So what the secret formula behind her success? Two words: influencer marketing. Discover how this entrepreneur cleverly uses social media to bank millions with her e-commerce businesses!

Humble Beginnings

In 2012, Gretta, at 21 years old, had snagged a digital marketing position at a media agency in Melbourne, Australia. she got the idea to start SkinnyMe Tea, a detox tea for health-conscious young women ages 18-24. She began using Instagram to promote her product and follow her target demographic at a time when businesses weren’t really using Instagram. In six months, SMT was making $600,000 a month!

The Magic Of Influencers

At that time, people on social media were blossoming into true “influencers.” Because of the trust they had built with followers, folks in various fields like business, fitness, travel, etc. could easily influence their audience to purchase a brand’s products. Gretta used that concept to sell her tea, and to eventually branch out into new territory…

Time For Expansion

As her business took off, Gretta found that, by paying popular influencers between $100-$1,000 a post to share her products, she was able to gain even more sales. With the help of influencer marketing, Gretta went on to create four other extremely successful businesses including watch brand The 5th and Drop Bottle, which offers unique and sustainable drink bottles. The entrepreneur notes, though, that her success from this strategy stems from choosing the right people to promote her products…

Macro Influencers Vs. Micro Influencers

The key in choosing the perfect influencers is finding people who have a genuine connection with their audience. That is why Gretta doesn’t suggest businesses use macro influencers with huge and somewhat un-engaged audiences (mostly celeb profiles like the Kardashians). The young entrepreneur actually believes micro influencers with smaller followings tend to be more connected and trustworthy to their audiences.

Collaborating With The Best

Gretta has found that her success with influencers comes from the fact that she has a good rapport with them. She establishes a personal relationship with each, and pays them per post, with the amount based on their audience reach. Gretta also gives them creative control over their posts, as long as it allows her products to get their proper shine and earns sales. Influencer marketing has clearly been working well for her and is a strategy she’s currently teaching other entrepreneurs!

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