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Security Cam Catches Grizzly Bear Breaking Into Home, Playing Piano

Twenty-one-year-old Katie Hawley immediately called the Vail Police Department after she found her home in complete disarray, fearing that thieves have broken into her home but after the police went through security footage, it was revealed that a grizzly bear was responsible for the mess and in playing horrible music on her piano.

Katie called the police reporting burglary. However, after the police officers inspected the apartment and found evidence that the culprit was mainly interested in eating and finding food, they concluded that the intrusion was caused by an animal that may have entered through an open window.

After checking Katie’s internal camera system, the police discovered that the cause of the disturbance was a Grizzly bear who even had the audacity to play the piano.

The footage showed the bear wandering aimlessly and calmly inside Katie’s apartment before proceeding to the piano to hit a few notes.

“The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly,” said the Vail police.

Apparently, an encounter with wildlife, similar to what happened at Katie’s apartment, is not uncommon in Vail area but fortunately, the occurrences have been much lower because of implementation of local ordinances.

The Vail Police Department was quick to determine the cause of the intrusion was an animal. The department has been trained in dealing with such incidences and even had an existing partnership with the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife in cases where wild animals need to be relocated.

According to the “Be Bear Aware” campaign of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, bears will do whatever it can to find possible food sources, as they are naturally curious and intelligent. If they happen to find food in location, they will instinctively come back to get more.

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