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Groom Breaks Down Seeing His Bride Walk Down the Aisle

Quintin Reed, 27, from Missouri was never known to cry much, but when a certain moment arrived—he simply broke down.

Reed was reduced to tears when he saw his bride walk down the aisle. During the wedding ceremony, which was held last October 7 in Cottleville Wine Seller, the groom covered his face with his hands, and the tears poured out of his eyes uncontrollably. He was so overwhelmed by the happy moment that his legs weakened. Luckily, his best man was there to support him, rubbing his back until he could stand firm again and see his bride approaching.

Ashleigh Patrice, 26, the bride, told Inside Edition:“I’ve never seen him cry ever.” Seeing her future husband break down, Ashleigh was also reduced to tears and so were those present at the ceremony. She told Daily Mail of her response to Quintin’s tears: “I started to lose it as soon as I started walking, but pulled myself together.”

Daily Mail asked the groom about the emotional moment: “When I saw her my heart was overwhelmed with joy and my entire body just became numb as I witnessed the most beautiful woman ever in front of me.So much joy really came over me at that point in time.”

As Quintin recounted to Daily Mail, he took in the moment all at once, therefore it was so powerful: “My uncle, who was the Officiant, told me to look down at my watch until the moment was right.” Quintin’s heart was pounding tremendously, and then the right moment came—his uncle told him to look up. He didn’t expect to have that reaction, but when he looked up and saw his bride he just couldn’t help it.

She told Mail Online, “He is a complete gentleman.  He is such a thoughtful man! Not only is he a romantic but he is genuinely nice to every person he meets.”

Quintin is a kickboxing instructor in Des Peres, Missouri and Ashleigh works as a preschool teacher. They met in Lindenwood University and have been together for three years. Their wedding was an event that surely no one would ever forget!

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