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Tributes Are Pouring In For Meme Icon ‘Grumpy Cat,’ And These Are Some Of The Best

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Tributes are pouring in for Grumpy Cat, who has sadly died. The world-famous cat shot to Internet stardom and meme-royalty back in 2012 after a Reddit post went viral, beginning her career as an internet sensation. Following the furry social media star’s passing on May 17, Twitter users were quick to commemorate the joy – or grumpiness that Grumpy Cat bestowed on the world that actually, really put a great big smile on peoples faces. Tributes from fans and admirers have been flooding in on social media to celebrate the incredible life and permanent scowl of the frowny feline. Read on to find out how the beloved meme icon became such an important part of Internet culture.

1. Grumpy Cat Origins

Grumpy Cat, whose actual name was Tartar Sauce, was born in April 2012 at the Bundensen family home in Arizona. One of her owners, Tabatha Bundensen, said that the cat got her original name because of her original orangy coloring, which slightly resembled tartar sauce. Her widely-recognized nickname due to her permanently grumpy look was the result of feline dwarfism and an underbite.

Grumpy Cat first burst onto the scene at just five-months-old, when a Reddit post by Tabatha’s brother Bryan, named “Meet Grumpy Cat” hit the Internet by storm and became a meme shortly thereafter. Social media users went on to celebrate her iconic expression in a fury of thousands of online memes. 

2. An Icon And Viral Sensation

Grumpy Cat’s popularity resulted in real-world celebrity status, which landed her a number of high-profile media appearances, book deals and a merchandising empire. She also has acting credits to her name after appearing in commercials for Cheerios and Friskies and was even named 2012’s most influential cat by MSNBC.

In her seven years of existence, Grumpy Cat amassed 8.3 million followers on Facebook, 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on Twitter. She was represented by ‘Meme Manager’ Ben Lashes, Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat. Word on the block is that her net worth was once rumored to be in the mid-eight figures.

3. Meme-Morably Miserable

The Internet is filled with plenty of famous cats, like Keyboard Cat or Nora The Piano Cat but none could top the fame and status achieved by Grumpy Cat. She was literally a walking meme and cultural phenomenon, and this is what made her stand out from all the rest. 

A lot of cats out there have moments of fame, but their fame mostly depends on a specific image that they’re known for. But Grumpy Cat stood out as a pronounced social media star. Her seemingly miserable, yet distinctive appearance was carried with her wherever she went and people just couldn’t get enough of her.

4. The Internet Pays Tribute

Tributes and reactions have poured in all from directions on social media platforms in honor of Grumpy Cat, with many people sharing their fondest memories and heartfelt condolences. Actress Aubrey Plaza, who starred alongside Grumpy Cat in the Grumpy Cat Movie said a moving goodbye to her furry co-star on Instagram.


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my heart is broken. i will miss you grumpy cat. you were and will always be my true spirit animal…whether you like it or not 💔

A post shared by aubrey plaza (@plazadeaubrey) on

The massive impact that Grumpy Cat had on the Internet is undeniable. Saddened masses have created heartwarming memes, bidding farewell to the world’s most famous cat. Some fans even created art in her honor which we’re sure will continue to circulate in the future, making sure her legacy will live on.

5. Meme Queen

The beloved Grumpy Cat (a.k.a Tardar Sauce) had the ability to effortlessly express her disdain for everything with a perpetual frown that could sum it all up perfectly. Something as simple as a meme was able to change so many people’s lives just by making them smile, like this one here:   

The content she inspired was oh-so-relatable, and could capture how we felt in our grumpiest moments. Funnily enough, Grumpy Cat’s family have called her a ‘super cute and cuddly’ pet despite her trademark unhappy appearance on the outside. We’ll miss you, Grumpy Cat, but we know you’re frowning down upon us from Kitty Heaven.







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