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10 Guard Dogs Who Look Like They’d Rather Be Your Friend

Have you ever seen those “Beware of Dog” signs and questioned how dangerous that dog must be? Are they a ferocious killer that will take you out on sight? Are they trained protectors? Or are they just sweet pups looking for some pets and a few treats? I guess you can be the judge. Here are ten photos of those “dangerous” doggos.

Angel Or Devil?

Who knows? With that sweet face, it’s impossible to tell. And look at those big fluffy paws. So terrifying. Maybe you should stay away.



Thank you for your service, Joey. We didn’t mean to interrupt your nap. Please do continue. We’ll just watch from here. What a beast.


Simply Terrifying

Absolutely terrifying. This ferocious, adorable, cute, sweet little pupper must be dangerous. Just look at him, chomping away at that sign. Definitely stay away. Don’t touch.


Nap Time

I’m sure when he’s awake, he’s a truly terrifying guard dog. I wouldn’t go anywhere near this sweet little fella if I were you.


So Scary

This one had me shaking in my boots. Just look at that fluffy face, so full of anger and malice. Passersby should definitely beware, don’t be fooled by that face.



This dog is a true protector. Always on duty, looking out for those potential threats. And potential passersby who might have a treat, or two, or five.


On Guard

This guard golden retriever is on duty. Please do not disturb. Is working very hard. Okay, maybe just a few pets. Okay, maybe a few more.



Oh hey! I almost didn’t see you there, little buddy. What’s that? Should I stay away? Should I be afraid of your tiny little barks? Are they worse than your bites?



With those soulful eyes, this dog is a danger to my heart because I think I’m in love. This sign should say “Beware of dog, is actually a heartbreaker.”

Hot Dog Photography


This sign tells it like it is. It almost makes you wonder if the dog made it themselves. Be careful, It could be a trap. It’s definitely a trap. “Pleas” do not “pet dog.”


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