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Unexpected Guardians Come to Bullied Teen’s Rescue

When you’re a victim of bullying, standing up for yourself against a bully’s horrendous actions can feel impossible. But would it be any easier if there was a biker gang on your side?

Christian Burk’s Brutal Bully

At 14-years-old, Christian Burk of Waxahachie High School in Texas struggled to cope with a confrontation from a frightening peer at school. While bullies often use words to manipulate their victims, Burk’s tormentor took bullying the child to a whole other level.

Dshannon Aday

While sitting in class, one of Burk’s classmates approached her and pulled out a chunk of her hair. Clearly, Burk was terrified by the incident, and her mother was distraught. “Bullying is not okay on any level,” the distressed mother said. Thankfully, Burk wouldn’t have to feel alone for much longer!

Kind-Hearted ‘Guardians Of The Children’

Being escorted to school by a gang of bikers is essentially bully-repellant. This is the mission of one incredibly unique biker group: Guardians of the Children! The organization works to help bring comfort to kids who are abused, bullied, or made to feel small. This isn’t the first time this heartwarming group has made headlines!

James Durbin/Reporter-Telegram

The GOC has been positively impacting the lives of downtrodden children for years. From taking a bullied autistic boy to class to escorting a tormented girl to her prom, these bikers go above and beyond to help distressed children. When they heard Burk’s story, they wanted to intervene to make sure the sweet girl would feel safe at school!

Escorting Burk In Solidarity

Though Burk had been frightened to go to school, everything changed with the GOC riding in solidarity alongside her! Joining the display, other bikers from North Texas joined in to add to the roar of Burk’s call against bullying! Both she and her mother were amazed by the experience, and Burk hopes it won’t just benefit her.


Burk hoped that, despite her own pain, the show of support would encourage others to be kinder. “People don’t deserve other people being mean to them,” she explained. The touching display of solidarity with Burk has hopefully lifted her confidence and reminded her peers that no one deserves to be bullied!

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