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Guy Awakens To Stray Kitten Napping On His Lap And It Turns Into One Of The Cutest Pet Rescue Stories

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Sometimes a twist of fate brings a furry, four-legged friend into someone’s life. Ali Safa was used to being a loner who didn’t have any pets. But the moment a stray cat he named Angel fell asleep in his lap, that was all it took to have a change of heart.

Dozing Down Under

There’s nothing like relaxing outdoors in beautiful Canberra, Australia. Ali Safa was lounging while leisurely scrolling through his phone, and he eventually fell fast asleep. Little did Ali realize, he was not alone. An adorable kitten in search of companionship and food decided Ali would make the purr-fect body pillow.

When Ali woke up, he wasn’t sure exactly what was sleeping on top of his t-shirt. At first glance, he thought the small, white creature asleep on his torso was a rat. On closer inspection, he discovered that a stray kitten had made itself at home and was napping along with him outside.

Sending Angel

Not worried about whether the kitten had fleas, Ali gave the kitten some much-needed attention and head rubs. Ali quickly took to his phone to snap some candid pictures of the feline in action. The kitten playfully batted at his shoelaces and seemed very comfortable. Once Ali uploaded photos of his new pal on Reddit, people were clamoring to learn more about the new kitty.

Ali made sure to share updates on the kitten’s status online. There was no hesitation to take care of this kitten, who Ali named Angel. Ali posted on Reddit that, “she is the most fun can I ever played with, and the most stubborn/attention-seeker as well.” Angel took to sleeping in the same bed with Ali, and let her tiny cat bed in the corner to collect dust.

Pet Parenthood Community

The Internet is a mega-fan of cats, so it was no surprise that cat owners on Reddit were quick to give advice and encouragement to Ali about his new life with Angel.

Reddit user, TeddyMonster19 wrote, “It’s your cat now. Congrats! You’ve been chosen.”

Canuck199, another Reddit user, said: “While you were sleeping, you were adopted, you handsome devil!”

My very first pet! Im so damn happy!!! I apologize for the sound in the background its a water pump lol 🙂 from r/aww

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