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Photo Of Guy Standing Next To ‘Giant Rice Wave’ Spurs Hilariously Internet Thread

You never know what you will encounter on the Internet. Social media can be a peculiar place. But every now and then, someone posts a photo that leaves everyone in awe. That’s what happened recently to the YouTube channel “MTV Tokyo fried rice Guys.” The Japanese duo Kanta and Tommy (also known as the “Mizutamari Bond”) shocked everyone with a screenshot of what appeared to be a giant rice wave. It didn’t take long for the photo to go viral and now people are using the power of photoshop to take the image to the next level.

What Really Happened

The YouTube duo uploaded a prank video in January 2019 that started this newest viral photo. The video showed Tommy making fried rice. He tricked his friend, Kanta, into thinking he made a giant rice wave in the wok pan. That’s not what really happened. Instead, Tommy bought a sculpture to resemble a massive rice wave. The prank worked and Kanta was shocked by what he was seeing.

MTV Tokyo fried rice guys/YouTube

The video has reached over seven million views. But Internet users quickly took a screenshot of the apparent rice wave and turned it into a series of hilarious photos. Does this inspire you to try your hand at photoshop?

Run From The Tsunami

You can create anything with photoshop. For example, one Internet user enlarged the original rice wave illusion, making it look like it was a giant tsunami. We wouldn’t want to encounter anything like that in the kitchen.


Other users added celebrities to the photos, including Emma Watson. One user even turned Justin Timberlake’s hair into the rice wave. Some even inserted surfers into the photos. At least they were using their creativity!

So Much Creativity

The photos quickly became viral and evolved into ever more outrageous and creative reinventions of the original photo. Everyone loved the creativity behind the photoshopped images. The photos proved there is no limit to imagination.


You can turn any photo into a viral topic. Even something as simple as a rice wave sculpture can draw attention, and it’s all because of creativity. Which photo will people transform next?

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