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Guy Makes Guitar From Scratch Using 1,200 Colored Pencils And It Totally Rocks

Apparently, there are several other uses for colored pencils besides actually coloring. An artist inspired by other people’s crafts using colored pencils decided to try his hand at a special handcrafted creation of his own. It took a lot of thought and work, but what he was able to come up with is absolutely incredible.

Finding Inspiration

YouTuber Burls Art noticed many people online creating bowls and other items out of colored pencils. He wanted to create something too but decided to step it up a notch. “I wanted to make something that I can actually utilize and enjoy more than a bowl when it’s finished,” he said in an interview.

Instead, Burls set out to create an instrument that he had a passion for— a guitar! He wanted to make a Fender Stratocaster-styled electric guitar, but it would be a big task. It would be the first guitar Burls ever made and would take a lot of effort on his part, but he was up for the task.

Getting To Work

First things first, Burls needed his main materials for the guitar. He bought 1,200 colored pencils, finding the cheapest ones he could find online that were almost a match to Crayola. Cutting the pencils into two using a mini miter saw was “by far the most tedious portion of the build,” Burls admitted. However, actually building the guitar wasn’t as difficult as he thought it would be.

The artist used epoxy resin to bind the cut pencils together and craved the shape of the instrument using a cut-out shape of a guitar. He later added on the physical hardware and electronics to make the guitar functional before spraying five coats of enamel for the finish.

Feeling Accomplished

Burls worked on the guitar for a few hours a day for four to five weeks. It took a lot of time, but he enjoyed creating the guitar. “I think I could make one faster now though since I know the processes and things that I would do differently,” he said. Overall, he spent around $500 between the pencils, router, and other equipment that he didn’t have.

Overall, Burls was proud of his work. He plans to make more custom guitars though they won’t necessarily be made of colored pencils. “I have a lot more ideas that I think will translate well that I’m going to take on in the future,” Burls said. “Some that I think will even be more interesting than this colored pencil guitar.”

Watch how Burls created the guitar below!

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